To-Do List

If you read this post, then you know I have a few things on my list. So, I will keep track of them here!
Since this blog is mostly focused on my home decor endeavors, that is where I will keep things. I will add to the list as I find new items and cross things off as they are completed!

1. I need to complete a reclaimed wood wall. I blogged about it here. (Update ~ this is off the list for the current house…but is still on my list for a future home!)
2. Refinish this mid-century dresser.
3. Complete the picture gallery wall in the living room.
4. Decide on window treatments for the living room. – These have changed- I will have to update with the house tour.
5. Redo the kid’s bathroom. – Done! Just need to blog about it!
6. Organize and decorate the laundry room. – Done! Just need to blog about it!
8. Pin down a style and design for the master bedroom.
9. Organize our master closet. – this is as much as I will be doing in this home.  Hopefully our next home will get some prettification!
10. Redecorate Hannah’s bedroom. -Done!  Just need to blog about it!
11. Redecorate Garrett’s bedroom. – Done! Just need to blog about it!
12. Organize the kitchen cabinets.
13. Organize and prettify the pantry. – Done! Just need to blog about it!
14. Tie the master bath in with the rest of the house.  – this one won’t be crossed off the list as I have decided that a done room is a done room.  If it will help sell the house then I can repaint.

Tell me what you think! It totally makes my day to hear from you...

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