Bananas for red spray paint

I really do have a spray paint problem.  It’s becoming quite obvious.  I can’t imagine that it’s a surprise to anyone that my latest project involves a can of spray paint.  What can I say?  It’s a super simple and cheap fix for about anything.

Jeff and I had been debating over which banana holder to get for some time now.  I have no idea why this is such a hard decision…it should be a pretty simple pick.  Nope.  So when I came across this banana rack at the goodwill for .55 I couldn’t leave it.  OH yes, I did say 55 cents.  As in the change on the bottom of my purse (if I had change on the bottom of my purse that is).  Since we had a pretty full weekend, I figured this was one project I could get done pretty quick.  I used Rustoleum 2x spray paint again, and was very happy with the results. 


Here it is… now ready to reside in my kitchen!


Spray painted banana holder before and after

I find it quite amusing that 5 out of 7 days a week we have bananas.  I went to take after shots of this tonight and guess what?  NO bananas!!  Ugh.  I am sure you can squint a little and just imagine a bunch of bright yellow bananas are hanging from that hook. 


So what did everyone else do this weekend?  Any spray painting going on???  We headed to Monterey, VA for the Highland Maple Festival again…. seriously amazing fresh maple syrup!!

Spray painted lamps–the beginning.

I think that yellow is one of my favorite colors… seriously, I really like yellow.  And if you pair yellow with grey?  Love!  So it shouldn’t be much of a surprise when I decided that the lamps in the master bedroom should undertake a little bit of a makeover.  Since I finally got around to deciding what I really wanted to do with the master bedroom, I have been on a mission to make this thing happen!  Step 1… paint those lamps!  Step 2….figure out the shades.


I have a game plan, and that is a huge step for me on this one.  Not only do I have a game plan, but my plan has me pulling it off for less moolah than I had ever imagined.  Maybe that is what was in my way all this time?  Money… I’m thinking that is some of it, but a good portion of my hesitance in moving forward with a design is pure fear.  Fear that I won’t get it right.  Fear that I will put it together and it won’t be like I pictured it.  Well, you don’t know till you try, huh?  So here you go.  Moving forward with this room.  I am really excited to put it all together.  It will be one step at a time though.  I debated whether I should get it done, then give the big “Here it is!” reveal, along with the info on how I did it – or show all the little projects as I commence this journey and show the big picture when it is done.  I have decided on the latter.  I will be DIYing as much as possible and it will kill me to keep it all hush, hush until the reveal.  And let’s face it, with my crazy life sometimes, it may take a bit to get to the reveal.  So without further adieu…..



The story of a lamp.  We bought these guys at Lowes last year (maybe the year before?) for $11 each –with the shade.  That was a pretty good deal.  We had been all over looking at lamps, T.J.Maxx, Marshal’s, Lowes, Home Depot.  My husband’s style and mine just aren’t the same all the time.  So when we finally saw these, and the price tag, we jumped.  Although they are nice lamps, my plan includes yellow lamps.  Enter Rustoleum’s Ultra 2x cover spray paint.  I picked a can up at True Value on my lunch break for the tune of $4.25.  That’s a pretty good price to get 2 new lamps, don’t you think??  This is really my second attempt at spray painting anything beyond picture frames and glass jars, so I was a tad nervous.  Nothing to fear though, this stuff is amazing!  Great coverage and what a glossy finish!


I started out by removing the shade and the hardware that holds the shade.  Then I followed that up by wiping the hole thing down with a damp cloth to get any dust or residue off of it.  Once I dried it, I covered the cord with a plastic bag, securing the piece closest to the base of the lamp with a little frog tape.  I also stuffed the top part with paper, and covered it and taped it as well.  Pretty much – if I didn’t want it yellow, I covered it up.

Don’t worry, the dog wasn’t standing there when I painted… that’s Lizzie, our boxer/helper/droololigist.



One coat…



2 coats…




3 coats…



And because I didn’t want to miss anything and there were a few spots… 4 coats…




You can already see the shine on that bad boy…And here we are…one yellow lamp.




I let this cure for a bit before bringing it in.  It dried really fast, and I only had to wait a few minutes between coats.  I am very happy with how this turned out.  I haven’t done the other lamp yet, since mother nature decided I needed to wait… 2-4 inches of snow to be precise.


And as always, because I love a before and after pic.




Now all that is left is to figure out if I am going to change the shades.  I may have to wait until I am further along with the room.  That yellow is pretty bright and I don’t want the shades to compete with it. 


Anyone else been spray painting lately?  Any success, or maybe not so successful, stories to share?

Goodwill decor

As promised, here is the tutorial on how I made a couple of the items found on our table this Thanksgiving. Just to refresh your memory, my sister-in-law and I completed a table setting on a budget (actually well below budget) here last week. Some of the items on the table were Goodwill finds, inspired by Pinterest (who is surprised, really). So you can see some of my inspiration, check out this and this.

I started out with a green pedestal I had picked up a month or so ago. I knew I would find a use for it, I just had no clue what that would be when I brought it home. Well, once I made another trip to the good old Goodwill to find another pedestal and a clear bowl I knew that I had found the use for my green friend.

So this is what I started with:

My first step was to clean each piece thoroughly. I had to make sure there was no wax residue or dust that would keep the paint from adhering well. Once clean and dry, I took the maroon(rose? pink? red? I give up, how about marose, yea, I will just make up a color for it) pedestal outside to start making it pretty. Marose… so 10 years ago, and so not happening in my house. Here it is after a first coat of paint. I have learned from some “pros” on other blogs that lots of really thin coats is what makes these items look their best and helps the paint to last longer. Although, they would probably have told me to prime them. I had no primer, so extra coats of color had to do!

Then I flipped her over and did the top and more coats of gold. I am using Rustoleum metallic. It works well and gave a really nice rich color.

One last coat and this baby is good to go!

Now I used some liquid nail to attach the bowl to the pedestal. I would have prefered a clear glue, but all I had was a putty color, and really, with the gold you hardly notice it.

And because I am a sucker for a before and after photo….here you go!

The next item I prepared from my Goodwill hunting (love that movie!) was this cake stand made from the green pedestal and an old plate. I also used the same liquid nails on this piece.

I flipped the plate upside down(once both pieces were washed and dried well) and measured out the plate in order to center the pedestal. I will be honest, I hate this part, I would love to just eye-ball it. But when I do that, about 1 out of every 10 times its off. Then it So I went ahead and did a little double check on my centering. Once it was centered and marked, I put some liquid nail on the plate as well as the pedestal to ensure there was plenty on both pieces for good adhesion.

I left it flipped over for an hour or two to let it dry enough to get painting.

For some reason, I didn’t take any photos of the in-process painting for the cake stand. Wish I had…because this one took a bunch of coats to get it looking the way I wanted it to. And, along with no paint pictures, I completely missed taking a before and after photo of this one. Boo! I must keep a mental note of that – always take before and afters!!!

I do have this pic from the table setting. It shows how good it turned out and how versatile this guy is going to be. I chose black because it is a color I can use a lot, and if I ever get a wild hair, I can just paint it again.

I will share more on those little twig votives as well….because I need to make more of them!

Anyone else making things they pinned? Or maybe you have repurposed something from around the house and put it to better use? Or have some great Goodwill scores?