DIY Glitter pumps

Bring on the holiday cheer!! My company had it’s annual Christmas party this past Saturday and I decided that rather than buying a new outfit, I would wear my little black dress and accessorize it! I am all about some bling, I love me some glitter. I wanted something glittery…kinda like these:
glitter pumps

Image found here

So… enter Plato’s closet, a trendy consignment store. I found a pair of black pumps for 8 bucks. Not too big of a heel so my feet wouldn’t start hurting halfway through the night.

Here are all the items I needed to get this job done…. mod podge, glitter, a paint brush and a nail file. And a table full of other crafting gear and Christmas decorations…my table looked a little busy for a while…

I had read on-line (I really don’t remeber where!) to scuff them up a bit, and that a nail file would do the trick. So I just rubbed the file across the shoes as best I could to rough up the slick texture a bit so that the glue would adhere better.

I poured some glitter into a cup first…

Then added some mod podge to it…it just seemed like too much mod podge and not enough glitter.

So I added more glitter… looks gray huh?

I started stroking on the glitter thinly at first…but it didn’t seem to cover well.

So I kept adding more.

Then I just sprinkled glitter on them.. that did the trick.

Here are some in process pics…

I kept up the same process- brush on glitter mod podge – sprinkle on glitter – until I had covered both shoes completely.

Here they were after I was done. There is good coverage, but you can see spots poking through here and there. So I waited a night or 2 and just touched up the spots with the mod podge and sprinkled on glitter. It suprisingly took very little glitter for this project. I would say maybe 1/2 an inch is gone from that glitter bottle. And there is a ton of glitter throughout the house. Oops!
Oh, and the tag for 17.99 wasn’t the one I paid from..apparently that’s how much they were new, still cheap, but not what I would have been willing to pay!

Here you go…complete shoes! All glittery and blingy. I don’t have a full pic with my outfit and all – sorry, in a hurry and a 15 month old trying to climb my leg. I did end up taking an old pair of silver earrings that had a trangle on the front of them and brushing on mod podge and a little glitter to go with this outfit as well.

I will say the shoes didn’t hold up 100% through the evening. If I bumped them, lots of glitter fell off and it would leave little bare spots. I am thinking that touching them up, then giving the whole shoe a coat of mod podge should should help… I will post back after I do this and get some miles on them.

Anyone else blinging it up for Christmas dinners? Is your house full of glitter now that Christmas is around the corner?