We are finalists!!!

During a visit with my doctor recently, I was flipping through a Parenting magazine. This issue had a ton of giveaways going on, and some great info on some of the coolest baby/kid stuff out now. So, I decided to sign up for a few giveaways, why not right? While I was online I noticed that there was a “Family Road Trip” giveaway as well. How ironic! We had just decided recently that our next family vacation should be a road trip, pick a destination and just drive…stopping whereever we feel like along the way.

SOOOO…. we ended up being one of the top 10 finalists!!! Can you believe it?? We are so excited. Parenting.com requested a picture and a paragraph about our family. We submitted that about a week ago. And now it looks like voting has begun! Check it out here

It’s been an up and down last few years for us…it seems like one thing after another has hit us. Somehow, we have managed to keep our heads above water. We have been blessed for sure. With the kids getting older, we have also discovered that the amount of quality time we get with them is becoming less and less with the demands of sports and school activities. What a blessing it would be to have a vacation like this to bring us all together. After reading all of the entries, I find it hard to believe we are worthy of the prize considering the families and their stories that we are up against. BUT…. I won’t hesitate to say… click over and vote for us!!! šŸ™‚ It should be “an excellent adventure”!

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