A really cool email

I was perusing my email the other day… looking over the emails on blogs I subscribe to.  Sometimes I check them daily, sometimes I get busy and I have to catch up.  I was catching up the other day..the day I was telling you about.  And to my surprise there was an email that looked a little different.  I read it, 2 times, and then wondered if it was legit or if it was some kind of spam.  I stewed on it for a day and then decided to forward it to an experienced blogger for some advice.  Then I replied and asked some questions.  Well, it turns out it was a legit email.  What was it?  RedEnvelope.  Have you heard of them?  So what came of the email?



How many times do you receive a gift that comes in a red velour bag?  Well this was a first for me.  And inside that bag was the most adorable pillow.  RedEnvelope offered me an item from their Mother’s Day line!!  Should I mention how excited I am about this??  I cannot wait to have my master bedroom completed so that this pillow can take it’s place on the bed.  I have been diligently working on the master bedroom.  I will have an update soon and I am so ready for this room to be done.  With a goal of having our house listed by April 1st, I am trying to put things in order as quickly as possible.  Have I mentioned that we have a walk-in closet that hates me though?  Seriously, it is large enough, but the setup is just not very functional for us, and I am not willing to put much money into it.  Hopefully once I can really tackle it I will be able to come up with something that will get it looking sale ready.DSC_2086


I chose to put all of the kids name on the pillow in birth order.  Jeff and I became a couple in 2005… hence my est. date. Smile  The RedEnvelope mother’s day line is adorable and this little pillow is good proof.  Take a few minutes and go take a look!  If you really like the pillow that I chose, you can go get one yourself here.  The entire experience was quite simple and the site was easy to navigate.  The girl corresponding with me was so sweet and helpful.  I would definitely do business with this company again.

Disclaimer:  I was not paid for this post, Redenvelope provided me with free product, but all views are my own.  There are no affiliate links in this post.

Place mat to pillow

I had seen this post over at The Country Chic Cottage about turning a simple place mat into a pillow. I mean, how cute? And how simple for this just.learning.how.to.sew girl. I was at Big Lots and saw a place mat that caught my eye. It had some colors I liked and was brighter than most I had seen. Oh and it was 2.99. Why not get it, right? So i brought it home…

The first thing I did was take my seam ripper and open up one of the edges. I chose a short edge for the obvious reason of not having to sew as much back up.

I grabbed a pillow I already had to check out the stuffing situation.

It’s nice and full here…

I’m not sure if you can tell from this picture, but it might have been a tad too full…like right after Christmas dinner is over, and you finished off that last bite of stuffing full. I decided to use the stuffing from another pillow I had on hand instead. It was much easier to pin it after putting less stuffing in it.

I pinned the seam I had opened up with a few pins about an inch or so away from the edge (sorry, I forgot to take a pic of that before I sewed it so I “reenacted” it).

Here is a close up…

And another… I really had to pay attention when I sewed this up, it was so full I had to be careful guiding it along that edge with all the stuffing in the way.

And all sewed up. I stitched the outside rather than flipping the fabric face to face and then sewing it all up, and then turning it right side out. The orignal stitching on the place mat was on the outside where you could see it, and I kind of liked that look. Plus it gave me a chance to try out some of the fancy stitching I could do on my machine.

Here it is looking all small and lonely on my couch.

So I moved it somewhere it fit a little better… (and you can see the fabric I am using to make another pillow cover!! A little sneak peek for you!)

Here it is… place mat-to-pillow

Anyone else upcycled something lately? I love some upcycling… share your ideas and projects!