Reclaim the living room!!

    With wood that is…. I am desperately trying to talk my husband into letting me do a wall in the house with reclaimed wood. I am totally smitten with the look and I NEED to do this “little” DIY project. I have vowed to not be scared of decor.. and I need to add some texture to this room. And frankly, the current entertainment area is just not cutting the mustard. As you can see in the below photo, the wall is off-balance, the mirror isn’t being showcased for the great piece it is (awesome gift from my mom BTW :)), and it just isn’t as functional as I would like it to be. **sorry for the extra poor quality iPhone photo, it’s all I have available at the moment. (xoxoxo my wonderful husband)


    Basically when I think of how we use the living room and what our needs are I can make the following list:

    1. storage – we have dvds, satellite box, Xbox, Wii, dvd player and lots of board games that currently reside in our master closet and are just not getting used as often as I would like to see. I would also like some nice bookshelves in the house, but that may make the wall too busy and distracting.

    2. functionality – we all sit around watching movies at times. We use the laptop to watch them at times as well. We need to be able to access all of the equipment while keeping things looking orderly.

    3. We want it to be purdy. When we walk into the living room, I want us all to feel like we are in a special place. We spend a lot of time in the main living areas of the house, it needs to reflect who we are!

    So in order to get all that, we need to get that wall revamped for the family to use, while still keeping it aesthetically pleasing. And frankly, I want some wow factor in there. I want it to be a focal point and a point of conversation. Oh, and did I mention that I am just dying to see if I can pull off the look of reclaimed wood???

    I am a big fan of the modern look, but it tends to be a little “cold” and uninviting. That is where the reclaimed wood will come in. Here are some looks that I like…


    Image found here


    Image found here

    wall unit3

    Image found here

    I am looking at something like this for the wall…

    Reclaimed wood wall

    Image found at Mom and Her Drill
    This talented blogger/DIYer transformed her living room with this wall.

    And this was the inspiration that I had from one of my favorite blogs. I have been drooling over this wall for a while now.


    Image found over at Bower Power

    They both used pallets, and lucky for me… I have access to as many pallets as I need!! So free material, a little elbow grease and time and I can have that wall!! Oh, and the final approval from the other half. I keep telling him to just let me do it and he will love the outcome!!! I will probably end up just working out some kind of deal with him – meaning I will owe him big time for letting me do it. lol Gotta love him!

    This will be a big step for me, because doing a wall like this scares the begeezus out of me, but I feel like I am going to have to go big or just don’t bother!

    Anyone else having to bribe their significant other?? Or maybe someone is planning a daring change in their house soon, or even their life!

    ***Update: I am afraid that this idea may be on hold for the time being. Since we will inevitably sell the house we are in (waiting on a little return of the market I am afraid), then this project may need to be done in a more permanent home. It’s still on my list, and pretty close to the top. And who knows, I may just do it anyway 🙂