Pinterest challenge time again!

It’s that time people! Another Pinterest challenge has been given…and I am on board this time! Go check it out and join in the fun!

Pinterest Spring edition 2013

Thanks to younghouselove and Bower Power for getting us moving on those pins!

They are joining up with 2 great blogs for this challenge. Go check them out!

Bower Power
Red Bird Blue
Sparkle Meets Pop

Let’s meet back here next Wednesday May 8th and share what we did!

2013 and what it will bring

Well, it’s a new year. There was way too much going on for me in 2012, some good, some not so much. I took a little break here to keep the rest of my life in order during a pregnancy. 7 weeks postpartum and I have finally found my fuel to get going again! I have completed a project, started a couple more and I may just have the time to write about them in the near future. I have had my hands full with a 2 yr old and this little guy for the last 7 weeks and I returned to work full-time. It’s going to be challenging, but I enjoy the projects and sharing them so much that I would be doing an injustice to myself to not get back in the game. So be looking for some new stuff!!

And an introduction is in order… meet the newest member of our family – taking us from 5 to an even 6!

Brantley Cole

Brantley Cole

A little inspiration for my next “to-do”

I believe I have finally done it.  What might that be?  I think I have figured out what I want the master bedroom to look like!  That is seriously exciting stuff around here.  So exciting that when I got home from work last night I rushed around the bedroom as soon as I got home and picked up(hid) all the junk that made it’s way into the bedroom and snapped some “before” pics.  I took about, I don’t know, 20 angles.  I want to be sure I have lots of comparison angles for when I am done.  In case you have never seen my bedroom…. here is a very bad pic I took last year:


This picture shows you one thing…this room is bare boned~plain~in desperate need of help.

If you remember, back in October ‘11, I put together a post on my master bedroom.  That was a beginning phase for me (not that I am a professional now), and it is kind of fun to look back and see where I have come from there.  So here is the original mood board I did back then:




I had pretty much left it alone after that.  I had ideas, but nothing really gave me that push to get started.  I think I have found that “push”, two pushes actually.  We need to get our house on the market, and that un-inviting bedroom is not going to be a selling point.  The other?  I have found what I  really want to see in there!! 
A designing trend I keep seeing is board and batten.  I have seen it A LOT lately.  It’s not new, been around for a long time.  But I have seen it used recently in some really interesting rooms and ways.  For example…Mandi at Vintage Revivals revealed her master bedroom not too long ago.

VR bedroom 2


VR bedroom

Check out that board and batten.  It’s absolutely lovely.  You can check those out here.

In this discovery, I decided to do another mood board, but from scratch.  Here is what I came up with:


Master bedroom mood board


Do you see the similarities in the first and second?  Besides the obvious bed of course.  The color scheme stayed almost the same!  Ahhh, I am getting somewhere.  I also noticed that I still have a hanging light in there.  I am totally loving the second mood board though.  **My husband did veto the rug Sad smile  oh well, can’t win ‘em all**  I will take a moment to explain what I am thinking and what I will use.


1.  My color scheme: I love the bright colors with a light grey to bring it down a little.  The orange may not be obvious, the teal either, but they will fit with my ideas.

2. That mid-century dresser I still need to redo, MUST go in here.  The clean lines is what I love there.

3. The board and batten.  It’s lovely, isn’t it?

4.  A bright pop of color with lamps will allow for simple furniture.

5. A nightstand with a drawer I am thinking is a must.  Something light, but no white.

6. The pretty rug… I was wanting this to bring all the colors of the room together.  But in hindsight, it might be better for a more neutral rug anyway.

7. Pillows for the bed should be where the color is found –  I am at a loss on bedding, that is where I am still working through options.

8. I love these pendant lights, and I saw a tutorial on how to DIY them that I am going to have to check out.

9. A simple platform bed should do, no need for a head board either.

10. Colorful, or 2 toned curtains that play on my color choices, I don’t want them to be the star of the show though.  They will be up against the board and batten, so they will need to be bright.

11. This little red mirror is just a good example of the bright pops I want to see on the walls. 

12. I have a large mirror that my mother gifted me(love it! thanks mom!) that I want to use as a floor mirror in the bedroom, along with a sitting area

13. Sheepskin rugs and throws are great for texture, so throwing one over the chair would be a great addition

14. A colorful little table to use in a reading nook…possibly a lamp as well?

15. And a cozy chair, one you can picture yourself curling up in to read a book.

16. Lastly, a piece I am working on…should be complete this weekend.  Not spilling that one quite yet Winking smile


So there you have it, a plan.  Actually, ideas.  But here is the plan:


Get those walls painted! Get that done as well as the board and batten.

Get the crib put away. 

Re-arrange so that I can make a sitting area

Get that dresser done and in my room!

Find bedding

Paint lamps

DIY pendant lights

make faux sheepskin rugs/throw

find a thrifted side table, as well as nightstands

get that mirror in the room and secured to the wall

DIY curtains and pillows


That’s a big list for a full-time working mom.  But, it can be done.  Hope my husband is reading that list, cause I’m going to need help Winking smile (Heck, anyone who wants to come help is more than welcome!)


What have you been up to this week?  Any epiphanies of your own?

A little at a time…

It’s 2012, and I am in full decorate mode. I want to do it ALL – NOW!!! I want to paint the island, paint the kids’ bathroom and vanity, put in some kind of storage in the living room, create a new dining set. I could list the ideas I have and what I want to do. But the fact of the matter is…it all takes time, and money. Both of which are running closer to “E” in my daily gas tank. So I have decided the only way that I am going to accomplish anything is to take bite size pieces. I will make a list for each room of what I want to do. Then I can figure out which items will give me the most impact for the least money to start. That should at least quell the raging decor beast inside for a while.

How to begin? I seriously have notebooks full of ideas just scribbled down as I think of them. I attempted to put them in room or project order, but that didn’t always work out. Oh and did I mention that I got a sewing machine for Christmas?? (thanks to my wonderful family!) So now I have even more projects that I need to do! Need.. not want, need. Because I need a home that is beautiful to look at, I need a home that makes me smile when I see it. So let’s start with those areas I see the most: living room, kitchen, dining room.

In no particular order:

window treatments
wall color
furniture (placement and pieces)
art/picture placement
storage (this is a big one, we hardly have any storage)

I believe that little list of big stuff handles it. I have ideas, and I have some things in the works. Sadly, any furniture work will have to wait for warmer weather since I have nowhere to paint this time of year. But there are lots more changes I can make!

In the meantime, I thought I would share some sites that keep me inspired and reaching for my pocketbook. There are lots of good deals on a variety of home decor and general items! Check them out!


Open Sky



One Kings Lane

Does anyone else have a decorating monkey on their back? Or have you started the year out with a new mojo? Maybe you have a project list of your own to tackle?

Picture frame gallery

I think I am making progress on our picture gallery…. I’m sure it will change on occasion though and pieces will be added or taken away. I already have ideas about new things and moving frames since I took these pictures. But that’s the beauty of a wall like this, right? It should reflect you and your family…not necessarily a snapshot to a specific time, but a rolling ledger of who we are. Oh the accountant in me coming out… it should be an income statement, not a balance sheet (if you know accounting this will totally make, if not, then I apologize for the geek reference).

SO here is where it began. My red wall-that is actually the 2nd shade of red I put on it. The first was very maroon, and I still think this red isn’t the bright red I was going for. I found the wall to be too dark, and it just set a dark mood in the room for me. I felt like it needed to be bright and cheery. Something that made people want to smile when they saw it.

Here is another angle…oh, and for any of your True Blood junkies out there..that is a bottle of True Blood on the counter by the red wall. How cool is that??? Jeff saw that at a customer’s location and they let him take it home. Anyone vamps out there need a fix, we have it. 😉

I have really been into green and yellows lately. And you just can’t go wrong with green. It’s not feminine or masculine to me, so it encompasses both genders in our home. I primed and painted the wall. It took one coat of primer, and two coats of paint. I actually mixed the color myself from some green I had for Garrett’s room and white I had in the closet. I added a touch of yellow to get that shade. It isn’t glossy but a flat paint. I miss the glossy finish already since this is a high traffic area and we have a boxer that drools constantly. (picture drool and a head shake… ugh, but we love her so we just have to manage the drool) I am not 100% on the color, but it worked in a pinch for free. I figure it is such a small wall that if I ever decide to change it I probably won’t have to prime and it will only take a quart of paint. I still need to repaint the trim on this wall as well.

As for the picture arrangement, I threw those up there to get an idea of what I was going to do. I was going to mix frame colors, and even types of frames (there are two clear acrylic frames). I just couldn’t get everything up there the way I wanted it (I had 3 or 4 more frames I was going to use). So I scrapped that altogether and started from scratch.

The fact that I was working with a small wall as well as 2 light switches and a thermostat made this a little tricky to set up. I ended up asking Hannah to help me decide which piece to use as a center piece, then worked my way out from there. This is where I ended up. Like I said, I already have changes in mind.

The pink clock at the top was bought from the dollar store for $1.50, can you believe that? Since removing that large clock, we all had been missing having a clock there to glance at. I had originally planned on painting it, but once I got it up there I decided that it was in line with my push for brighter, cheery colors. The frame next to it has the phrase :”Be kind and be truthful and your life will be fruitful” I put together several frames with motivational and wise sayings. Next to that frame is a little silver and red medallion that says Love that I found at Micheal’s for .50. Below that is a frame that I put together that says “Be so happy that when people look at you, they become happy too” Love that saying! I used a piece of orange scrapbook paper for a matte, and being that my husband is an avid tea drinker, I thought the picture was appropriate for our family. To the left of that is the hand print canvas that I made for the Pinterest challenge (which is also the centerpiece that Hannah chose for this wall).

Here is a chevron print I whipped up in publisher that says “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions” by Albert Einstein. You can’t read the print very well, so I need to tweak that one a bit.

That orange print there on the bottom right is another quote I put together in Publisher. It says “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read” ~Mark Twain Next to that is a little paint chip art I attempted…. that is a definite redo. I tried to do a stamp under the paint chips and it just didn’t work out how I planned. So back to the drawing board with that one.

Here you can see a postcard that I framed from a trip to NYC that Jeff and I took to visit one of my dear friends for New Year’s eve one year. We went to this neat little Thai restaurant to eat. The food was great and the place was ultra cool. This is also a better angle on that paint chip “fail”.

At the very bottom I put one of the labels that we used for wine bottles at our wedding on a piece of chipboard.

And there you have it… the almost complete wall!! I have several other frames to add, I think it needs a more irregular shape like the first attempt I made. Heck, I might just fill the whole wall with frames! Well, all but the bottom portion cause we all know that a toddler passing by will have a hard time keeping his hands off. 😉

Anyone else do any picture hanging recently? Or maybe mix up your own paint? Been to any good Thai restaurants lately??? Please share!

Our style… which is… ???

I was blog hopping today, one of my favorite things to do. I realized that although I am trying to put my home together, I have no concrete inspiration. What do I really want my house to look like? What would my dream home look like? Are there certain aspects of a home that make it stand out to me?? I have seen lots of homes that I like. But I don’t know that I have really pinned down a style for myself and my family. So on with my evolution!!! I need inspiration. I culled the web for the ones that I loved. I keep coming back to the living room/family room since it seems to be a communal place in our home. That and the kitchen. And of course, a couple of the bedroom. Here are a few:

I really like the modern feel here. And despite the grays, it has a warm feeling… or maybe it’s the fireplace…??

Orchard Family Room B contemporary family room

I love the texture this room has. And the windows…but unless Jeff is going to let me knock out walls, we will just have to live with the 4 windows we have in the space 🙂

Orinda Family Fun Room modern family room

This room looks like “us”. It is comfortable, uncluttered, and do you see all that white??? But it’s not like white that the kids and dogs would destroy… well, except for those nice rugs..those will have to be replaced by something that can actually get dirty and still look good. And I can see that ottoman there in front of the sofa with storage in it for blankets and such. Oh and picture the wall with the TV with lots of wood…like rustic old pallet wood. OH yea… it’s gonna happen.

Basement Family Room modern family room

Then there is this little gem… what do you think of that rug? Kinda crazy huh? Or maybe that driftwood table… there are several nice touches to this room with accessories. I like it, yes I do.

Modern bookself contemporary family room

Now this room is different… and I’m not just referring to the derrhier over there in the corner… we have kids in the house, a little naked hiney running around isn’t abnormal for us. I love the pops of vibrant yellow set against a darker tone.

Bold dramatic statements eclectic family room

All of the above images were found via Houzz

Now to branch out to the bedroom a little… ok, well maybe just one that I fell in love with. I can’t say much about this bedroom, I think the picture says it all. Can you believe that trunk at the end of the bed is super duper easy to make?? Go check it out at Lowes.


Ok, to sum up what we are looking for…
I really like using white, but lets just be real-deal-honest here…. a lot of white is not happening in my home. 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband would turn white into something icky real quick.
I love color, lots of vibrant color.
I like the use of something unexpected and clever.
I like a little drama.—as in some decor drama…you can keep the rest of the drama to yourselves

Those are a lot of “I’s” huh? So, that’s me… how about the rest of the family. Hannah wants to be comfortable, she is pretty easy to please. Garrett wants to have a fun place to watch movies and play the occasional video game. Ashton wants to have something he can pull stuff out of and put back. And Jeff? He just wants it to work. It does seem that I am the picky one of the bunch, eh? I think we can get it all. I’m going to think outside of the box on this one. We have a blank canvas in the living room. The only constants will have to be placement of the TV due to only one wall being available for it, and placement of the sectional since it is so large.

I believe that once I get the main areas of the home mapped out, I will have an easier time putting together the rest of the house. I have severe design ADD… like I see something, love it, then 2 minutes later I see something else that I just have to do too….ugh, frustrating. It will eventually all come together, though. I will nail it down, one way or another. And you guys get to see it all metamorphose into something wonderful(I hope!).

Anyone else trying to pull together inspiration? Or maybe you have some hiney art in your house? Trying to incorporate your whole family in your choices? I have to admire someone who has actually been able to pull that off….

Headboard love

The next step to reforming our master bedroom is to nail down a headboard. Since we are moving away from the matchy-matchy bedroom set, I have much more room to be creative with the choices. There are only a couple of requirements in picking a headboard:

1. inexpensive
2. fairly easy (I’m pretty new at this)
3. pass the husband test

I am torn on how to approach this headboard decision… do I want to make a statement with the headboard, or should it be low-key, just hanging out in the background supporting the rest of the decor? I decided I would pick out a couple of each that I liked and do some work over at to see what makes my motor run. I will post back once I have rendered a couple.

The biggest hurdle I have with a few of my ideas is the location of windows in the bedroom. Although the bed is centered between 2 windows, there is a 3rd window that will make putting one of my ideas into effect difficult. There are 3 windows in this room- take a look at the floorplan below to get an idea of what we are working with.


So here are a few that I found on the wonderful, world wide web that interest me.

This one has a luxurious feel to it. I would want to use a different material and color. I do wonder how this would actually be in person.. great pictures can make something cheap look decent. But then, it might just be something cheap looking glam!

And here is one that is close, but lighter… it seems that the bedroom is always dark. I would love to bring in an airy feeling to it.


Image found over at YHL

Of course, there is this one that I linked up to from House Tweaking
(You should really check out her blog.. she has some really great ideas and style – and they are moving into a new house, so I am uber excited to see what they do with it!!)

reclaimed headboard

I like this concept… maybe different colors, or possibly something muted?
fabric headboard

This can be found over at Isabella & Max Rooms
So far I haven’t seen anything that I just-have-to-have. My personal style is entering an evolution, and I am not sure what’s going to crawl out of it…I have also found that since my parents started painting their rental, that I am falling in love with glossy white. Is it possible that I have been hiding behind dark woods and black decor just because I was afraid of “messing up” with decorating??? mhm, I think that’s what has been happening. I am declaring right now, right here, for all to “hear” that I am not going to be afraid of mixing woods, I am not going to be afraid of using white, of using bold colors and adding lots of texture.

Liberating! lol Now to put that into practice!!

Has anyone else made decorating vows lately? Maybe considering some redesign and being hindered by the fear of change? Or maybe you just need to get something off your chest in a totally random way on a random post?? Hey, takes all kinds to keep this world a turnin.

“Pin”to a challenge???

It seems it is that time again! Two of my bloggers ( are doing a fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge. Anyone game to join in??? My sister-in-law and I have been talking about doing a “pinterest” weekend for a couple of days and I think it will be fine to get started with a challenge!

So here is the skinny….pick a pin off of pinterest and make it your own, as in, tailor it to your own creation. Then come back and link up with me and these ladies. Make sure you check out all of the fun stuff that people do, there will be more pinning going on I’m sure!

These lovely ladies have given the challenge… can you handle it?

Sherry from Young House Love
Katie from Bower Power
Ana from Ana White
Emily from House of Earnest

Seriously, these are some very inspiring bloggers…check out their blogs, you won’t be dissappointed. And read the comments!!! There are so many great people out there, and they are just a click away!

I am going to scour my pins for the rest of the week and see what I can come up with. Hopefully something fun!! I hope you guys can join in!

Master bedroom inspiration

So the master bedroom.. needs help!! I haven’t really done anything in there since we moved in. No paint on the walls, very little hanging on the walls. What is on the walls goes with the bed-set that was handed down to me by my mom. Did I mention the bedroom set was also passed on to me from my mom? I have never purchased furniture for the bedroom that I picked out. Ever. So it’s time to remedy that. Enter: inspiration and Pinterest of course. I have been looking for ideas and inspiration on what I would really like in that room. It is a large room, but we have lots going on in there.

Here is the furniture in that room now:

King bed
2 night stands
tall dresser
long dresser with mirror
large cabinet my father made
crib 1 lg & 1 sm dog crate
small cheap bookshelf
bowflex workout bench

Yea… all that in that room. It’s a little much, and it’s hard to arrange. It’s pretty much everything against the walls. Bleh. Here are some pics of how it was a month ago, I did rearrange it, putting the bed in the middle of that wall that has the crib and dresser. But I am still not happy with it.

As you can see… it’s not much to brag about. It has no personality, it isn’t cohesive with the rest of the house and it clearly needs help. So my plan is to put together a plan. lol Gotta start somewhere right?

I have been busy putting together some inspiration. One of the sites that I have learned through other bloggers is Olioboard. You can put together mood boards with all of the info on the pieces that you are using. Or you can upload your own photos, or use ones from the web that strike your fancy. There is also a site called MyDeco. I like that one as well, but Olioboard seems to be my go to. I finished this mood board up a little while ago. It seems that I may be getting closer to a plan. At least I have some colors that I like and feel will flow well with the rest of the house.

Now I am no expert, but I will try and explain what my thought process was with this room.

1. We want a platform bed. That is one thing we have always agreed on. This is not necessarily the one we want, but something similar I beleive would work.
2. I love pillows on a bed. So we need some pillows that bring in the dashes of color.
3. Rather than bedside lights, I have considered the lights that hang above the bed, or attach to the bed. This isn’t set in stone yet..just throwing around ideas.
4. The nightstands- not sure on these. I like that they have drawers and a little texture. This area has room for change for sure.
5. The dresser… I love it!!! I am going to look at a craigslist find Monday that looks very close to this. I may end up doing a different stain or even something along the lines of this Anthropologie dresser. Not sure. But I love the look of the dresser.
6. An ottoman/bench at the end of the bed… for storage and it grounds the bed since there is not footboard. This ottoman is not exactly what I want, but close.
7. The jute rug, added for texture and for a base for the bed.
8. Sheepskin rug…I would like to use one on each side of the bed, or maybe a throw over the ottoman. 9. I like this rug as well, so I’m on the fence what to use
10. These IKEA curtains, I like how bright they are.
11. Bamboo blinds for some texture
12. Oops, missed 12*how did that happen? runs through my mind as my 1 yr old grabs my leg again*
13. Some sort of hanging light. I am in love with the concept of a drum shade on a ceiling light, I may end up doing that. But these lights looked pretty neat.
14. The colors-walls a light grey, with accents in green, yellow, orange and red. Seems busy, but it will tie together well.

Here are some of the rooms that inspire me. Little pieces of them just draw me.

This bedroom is found at House Tweaking, I love how this is a repurposed material, and makes the space feel homey (not to be mistaken with homely).

Fence headboard

This bedroom I love because it has a mix of styles that I like, it has clean lines which draws me in. This room can be found over at Young House Love

Bedroom at YHL

And this room I love because its a little retro, but it still feels relevant today. Love the yellows, and will def. be using some in my room.

This photo can be found over at House to Home.

My major inspirations on this decorating journey I am on can really be attributed to the blogs I read daily. Seriously, I am addicted to Young House Love, and Bower Power has helped a lot as well. I find myself on these blogs clicking links and reading for hours. It’s actually worse than that Pinterest addiction. So that’s that… it’s still kind of all over the place. Figuring out what really works for me, doesn’t get the snarled up nose from my husband, and ties into the whole look is taking time. I would love to find a piece of inspiration somewhere that will help bring it all together. The search is still on. Anyone else trying to put together a look or style(home or fashion)? Maybe revamping an old piece of furniture?