Where to put it all??

I’m sure my problem is a common problem… I have accumulated 29+(oh yes, I am still holding at 29) years of stuff…a couple of times. Five people live in my home. Funny part is that the younger ones tend to have more stuff than anyone else in the house. I have learned that part of keeping an attractive home is learning to organize all of your junk. Oh, and getting rid of stuff that you just don’t use is key as well. Part of getting my home decorated and turned into a place that we enjoy to look at as well as use is getting organized. I have begun in some areas, but it seems each time I clean out one place, I discover 3 more that are over-loaded, under-utilized and just plain unattractive.

So, operation organize is underway. I am going to troll my home for all of the items and areas that need help. Once I have compiled a list of items/areas I can start scanning Pinterest for ideas. I have already put some ideas I found in place, but I haven’t scratched the surface. I believe once I have a solid list of needed areas of improvement, I can start pulling together ideas. Right now, when I start to think about where and what to organize my mind starts hula hoping all the ideas..and I think it makes me dizzy. Or that could be the caffeine from the coffee my husband made this morning…. who knows. I tried to put together a post of all of the organizing ideas that I had, and quickly realized I was oooohing and aaaaahing like 5 different solutions for one area. Step 1 needs to be pulling it all together before I actually try to pin point a solution to implement. So instead I am going to show you some spaces that just make me feel like I need to put my home on that show Hoarders…


Image found Here


Image found Here

Image found Here

Has anyone else been driven crazy by their unorganized home? Or have any neat organizing tips?