Christmas time is coming!

Sunday is fast approaching, and besides waking up early to see what Santa and his elves have been up to, Christmas dinner tables capes await! Yea, I think I am far too excited about decorating a table. I don’t think I am alone in that feeling though šŸ˜‰ There is something about Christmas and decorating that brings on the cheer for me. And to be honest, I don’t know that I have ever sat down at a table decorated for the holidays (other than our Turkey day table) in a personal setting. Meaning, not at a work event. So to put a table together for this Christmas is exciting stuff. I thought I would share some of the inspiration that I have been coming across for the table this year. Oh, and we are keeping it on a budget again… although this one is a bit higher. $50 for it all! We are re-using and re-purposing as much as possible. We even came up with a way to avoid buying place mats! Woot! So here are some beautiful settings to hopefully inspire you to keep it festive at your Christmas dinner this year!

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And you know that this wouldn’t be complete without additions from a couple of my fav blog-stops….

younghouselove never fails to please…check out there tablescapes:

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Goodwill decor

As promised, here is the tutorial on how I made a couple of the items found on our table this Thanksgiving. Just to refresh your memory, my sister-in-law and I completed a table setting on a budget (actually well below budget) here last week. Some of the items on the table were Goodwill finds, inspired by Pinterest (who is surprised, really). So you can see some of my inspiration, check out this and this.

I started out with a green pedestal I had picked up a month or so ago. I knew I would find a use for it, I just had no clue what that would be when I brought it home. Well, once I made another trip to the good old Goodwill to find another pedestal and a clear bowl I knew that I had found the use for my green friend.

So this is what I started with:

My first step was to clean each piece thoroughly. I had to make sure there was no wax residue or dust that would keep the paint from adhering well. Once clean and dry, I took the maroon(rose? pink? red? I give up, how about marose, yea, I will just make up a color for it) pedestal outside to start making it pretty. Marose… so 10 years ago, and so not happening in my house. Here it is after a first coat of paint. I have learned from some “pros” on other blogs that lots of really thin coats is what makes these items look their best and helps the paint to last longer. Although, they would probably have told me to prime them. I had no primer, so extra coats of color had to do!

Then I flipped her over and did the top and more coats of gold. I am using Rustoleum metallic. It works well and gave a really nice rich color.

One last coat and this baby is good to go!

Now I used some liquid nail to attach the bowl to the pedestal. I would have prefered a clear glue, but all I had was a putty color, and really, with the gold you hardly notice it.

And because I am a sucker for a before and after photo….here you go!

The next item I prepared from my Goodwill hunting (love that movie!) was this cake stand made from the green pedestal and an old plate. I also used the same liquid nails on this piece.

I flipped the plate upside down(once both pieces were washed and dried well) and measured out the plate in order to center the pedestal. I will be honest, I hate this part, I would love to just eye-ball it. But when I do that, about 1 out of every 10 times its off. Then it So I went ahead and did a little double check on my centering. Once it was centered and marked, I put some liquid nail on the plate as well as the pedestal to ensure there was plenty on both pieces for good adhesion.

I left it flipped over for an hour or two to let it dry enough to get painting.

For some reason, I didn’t take any photos of the in-process painting for the cake stand. Wish I had…because this one took a bunch of coats to get it looking the way I wanted it to. And, along with no paint pictures, I completely missed taking a before and after photo of this one. Boo! I must keep a mental note of that – always take before and afters!!!

I do have this pic from the table setting. It shows how good it turned out and how versatile this guy is going to be. I chose black because it is a color I can use a lot, and if I ever get a wild hair, I can just paint it again.

I will share more on those little twig votives as well….because I need to make more of them!

Anyone else making things they pinned? Or maybe you have repurposed something from around the house and put it to better use? Or have some great Goodwill scores?