Projects, projects everywhere!

I am actually, truly, seriously working on some stuff. It’s a little ADD at the moment since I don’t have any one project pulled together. I am in super organize mode so there are little spots here and there getting tweaks. Did you know we have 6 people living in a 3 bedroom house? Did I mention said house is a good bit under 2000 sq ft? We are stepping all over each other. Add in baby gear and my crafting/project hoard and you have a house that is insanely out-of-order. After I returned to work, I have not had time to put things in order. And with a complete lack of storage in this place I am having a hard time getting things to flow in our home. We have never been neat freaks, and it’s really hard to keep everyone on board with picking up after themselves. My time at home is so limited during the week. As in, I get home at 6-6:30 and it’s bed time for the kids between 8-9 and I am not too far behind them. So I squeeze in what I can for cleaning, organizing and projects on weekends and spare minutes here and there. I plan to take a day off work in the near future and put things in order – but first I need all the tools at my disposal. I have been scouring Craigslist and Goodwill trying to find the items I need (namely a dresser and some sort of cabinet or bookshelf – and maybe a table for the entry way). NO luck so far, but I know I will come across the perfect pieces.

My project list is growing, but then it has never been small and ever-changing. I come up with a “great” idea and by the time I get to it I have either decided it won’t function well in our home or adapted it a little differently. So as of now, my project list looks like this:

Complete Hannah’s room
Organize and store craft supplies
Organize our mail and general paraphernalia that gets dropped on the bars
Start on the boy’s room
Redo guest bath
Finish master bedroom

I haven’t decided how I will post on Hannah’s room. I will either give you tutorials along the way as I complete them, or churn those out after the reveal. We shall see what time allows me. I have her room started…just getting into it deeper now. The to do list in there is not too bad.

1. New curtains
2. Paint the walls
3. Hang her chandelier
4. hang a TV on the wall
5. New bed
6. Get and makeover a dresser
7. Address storage in her room
8. Possibly a desk
9. Art for all walls
10. Bedding and pillows
11. Closet organization

I have paint for the guest bath and have already primed over the color that was in there. I have ideas and pinned some things for in there. It’s basically needing to be made more grown up and less polka-dotted. I have lots of organizing tools and plans, just need to execute those in the main living areas. I have also decided to rethink how we use our kitchen and bathroom cabinets. So much wasted space!! The boy’s room is the least planned out right now, but I feel like it will come together really easily once I get started.

And of course I can’t have a post without a pic of some sort.. so here is some inspiration I have for the guest bath and organizing.

guest bath*Welcome to Heradmont

Awesome bath found HERE
Go and check out the rest of Meredith’s handy work. She just revealed their guest bath remodel. Wow, it looks amazing.
CerealBoxDrawerDividersHeader- iheartorganizing

Awesome organizing found HERE

If you haven’t checked out iHeart Organizing, I strongly recommend it. This woman makes organizing look fun, and pretty!! Her site is so motivational.

So I am just going to keep on keeping on. Hopefully that will include some fun blog posts as well!

More Goodwill finds…

As you saw yesterday… I have been to the Goodwill – Again.  Well, I have a love for owls, and low and behold that I found a neat little owl picture.  It is made from yarn and a burlap material.  It has a couple of the colors that I am using in the master bedroom.  It feels good to finally be purchasing something for the walls in there!  Here he is:



Another great find this past weekend was another piece for the master bedroom and has just as much character as the first!  I scored this for $5 at the Maple festival.  I am very happy with this purchase… it seems to have a story behind it.  When I flipped it over I found this writinscription on owl art

It seems that Mrs. Suttles painted this for her neighbor, in Knoxville, TN no less.  Ready to see what she painted? 



What a great piece, huh?  An owl painted on what looks to be a piece of reclaimed wood.  Love it!  I actually passed it by, then had to go back for it because I knew I would go home and want to kick myself for leaving it. 


Anyone else have any great finds lately?

Goodwill finds

Anyone like to shop Goodwill? I know my mother-in-law should probably buy stock – er, if it was a publicly traded company of course 😉 I have gotten back into my thrifting. I used to do it a lot, but kinda fell out of the practice. It must have been something about having a baby that got my DIY bone to itching, cause it seems that’s all I want to do these days. I have come across some pretty neat things at Goodwill, and I think that I need to start exploring the other locations to see what goodies they may hold. Upon my last trip to the Goodwill, I found 3 things. Please ignore the Scentsy warmer- that’s its home on the bar.

I took this shot first, but as you can see..I had a “helper” who was very intent on helping. And those are fairly heavy glass, so I didn’t want any squished toes.

I found 2 of these “greenhouses” and a pasta container.

Some back story here would be relevant ~
I had actually been oggling this little “greenhouse” that YHL has for sometime

Image found over at younghouselove

Then I saw some for sale over at Zgallerie (my favorite place to peruse these days) and honestly, I had no idea what they were called (I searched that site for quite some time, but to no avail). I shot an email over to YHL to see if they had a name for it. Sure enough, they called it a greenhouse, or a cloche. Yay! A name to google (thanks so much to Sherry!)! Here is what I found when I googled “cloche” images:

Must be a hat thing.. and you know, my son would go crazy if he saw this. He loves him some hats.

So then I googled “glass cloche”. Ahhhh that is what I was looking for.

And.. I had already decided on a great place for one of these to reside. Oh and bonus? I had picked up these cute little faux succulents at Target for 2.50. So total cost on that little deal is 5.45+tax Woot! *note: I am not sure why my pics are all wonky…working on that!

I havent decided what I am going to do with the other one just yet. It’s waiting in the wings for some brilliant idea of some sort. And that pasta container? It is just another purchase in my mission of organizing the pantry. I will tell you that it’s in the works, but it may seriously take a year to complete. I am not a spender and it will take time to accumulate the containers I need to complete it. I could give myself a big old smack to the forehead though, I visited World Market this last weekend for the first time, and they had some super cute larger glass cannister at a very good price. I walked away… ugh. I wish I wasn’t such a penny pincher sometimes.

So has anyone else found some great Goodwill items recently? Or maybe you have some organizing going on behind the scenes? Please share!

**Teaser alert! I just purchased material for our curtains in the living room… I love it! I will be cutting panels and sorting out how I will hang them this weekend hopefully. I will share the deets when I am done! Think – peacock.

Goodwill decor

As promised, here is the tutorial on how I made a couple of the items found on our table this Thanksgiving. Just to refresh your memory, my sister-in-law and I completed a table setting on a budget (actually well below budget) here last week. Some of the items on the table were Goodwill finds, inspired by Pinterest (who is surprised, really). So you can see some of my inspiration, check out this and this.

I started out with a green pedestal I had picked up a month or so ago. I knew I would find a use for it, I just had no clue what that would be when I brought it home. Well, once I made another trip to the good old Goodwill to find another pedestal and a clear bowl I knew that I had found the use for my green friend.

So this is what I started with:

My first step was to clean each piece thoroughly. I had to make sure there was no wax residue or dust that would keep the paint from adhering well. Once clean and dry, I took the maroon(rose? pink? red? I give up, how about marose, yea, I will just make up a color for it) pedestal outside to start making it pretty. Marose… so 10 years ago, and so not happening in my house. Here it is after a first coat of paint. I have learned from some “pros” on other blogs that lots of really thin coats is what makes these items look their best and helps the paint to last longer. Although, they would probably have told me to prime them. I had no primer, so extra coats of color had to do!

Then I flipped her over and did the top and more coats of gold. I am using Rustoleum metallic. It works well and gave a really nice rich color.

One last coat and this baby is good to go!

Now I used some liquid nail to attach the bowl to the pedestal. I would have prefered a clear glue, but all I had was a putty color, and really, with the gold you hardly notice it.

And because I am a sucker for a before and after photo….here you go!

The next item I prepared from my Goodwill hunting (love that movie!) was this cake stand made from the green pedestal and an old plate. I also used the same liquid nails on this piece.

I flipped the plate upside down(once both pieces were washed and dried well) and measured out the plate in order to center the pedestal. I will be honest, I hate this part, I would love to just eye-ball it. But when I do that, about 1 out of every 10 times its off. Then it So I went ahead and did a little double check on my centering. Once it was centered and marked, I put some liquid nail on the plate as well as the pedestal to ensure there was plenty on both pieces for good adhesion.

I left it flipped over for an hour or two to let it dry enough to get painting.

For some reason, I didn’t take any photos of the in-process painting for the cake stand. Wish I had…because this one took a bunch of coats to get it looking the way I wanted it to. And, along with no paint pictures, I completely missed taking a before and after photo of this one. Boo! I must keep a mental note of that – always take before and afters!!!

I do have this pic from the table setting. It shows how good it turned out and how versatile this guy is going to be. I chose black because it is a color I can use a lot, and if I ever get a wild hair, I can just paint it again.

I will share more on those little twig votives as well….because I need to make more of them!

Anyone else making things they pinned? Or maybe you have repurposed something from around the house and put it to better use? Or have some great Goodwill scores?