How sweet it is

Isn’t it sweet that it’s Friday? I think it is… and I completely missed sharing a sweet spot I visited a couple of weeks ago.  he weekend my sister-in-law was in, we made a pit stop from fabric shopping over to a local cupcake shop, Bubble Cake. It is the cutest place, complete with jars full of sprinkles and a comfortable “eating” area.





We each picked out a yummy treat and settled in to test it out. I picked a crème Brule cupcake, complete with that crispy sugar crust. Sorry I didn’t think to take a pic before I started in on it… oops!



Here is my sister-in-law’s… yum!



She got a Palm beach brownie… seriously… this thing was rich!!

Oh and you know the little man had to get some… whenever he sees something he wants to eat he starts in with “hum” until you give him a bite. He really is insistent. I think he had an idea what was in store.



And then right before we went to leave he decided he wanted to sit in this chair, and he wanted that table to put his drink on. He settled in and commenced to cleaning the chocolate off of that spoon. He didn’t really want to leave. Isn’t he adorable??? Ok, I am a little biased, right? J


ASM at BC1


And another reason I am so glad it’s Friday is that I have plans for the weekend… it involves this little sketch I made up the other day. I need to do some measuring and make it more to scale, but I bet you can’t guess what I am doing!!




Anyone else have big weekend plans? Had any sweet treats lately? Maybe you have had a 17 month old boss you around?

Oreos all dolled up for Christmas

A few years ago, we were introduced to a special treat. Oreos balls. You know peanut butter balls? Of course you do, everyone eats peanut butter balls! Well, these are so much better (at least to me). All you need is a package of Oreos, a block of cream cheese, and something to dip them in. Seriously, it’s that easy. Now what to do with that itty bitty list?

Oreos and cream cheese… I used a couple of different dipping chocolates – the little chips you use to make candy as well as some of that block stuff.

Put the Oreos in a chopper of some sort and grind them up.

I grind them up until they are really fine, but I suppose you could make them chunkier as well if that was more to your liking.

Once I ground up the whole pack this is what I had… doesn’t seem like much huh?

Drop that block of cream cheese in there (let it soften at room temp for a while or it will be hard to combine)

Mix this up with a fork until you have all of the cheese combined. It would probably have been easier to use a deeper bowl cause those little Oreo crumbs are sneaky and kept trying to escape.

I didn’t get a pic of the next step (probably because I would have had to lick my fingers to get them clean before grabbing the camera – and we all know that would have been a show stopper on finishing the batch) But you roll little bunches up into balls – you pick the size! They are fairly rich, so I have found that smaller bites work out better. I stick them in fridge to cool while I am melting the chocolate. If they are pretty cold when you dip them, you get less Oreo residue in your chocolate.

Then I started melting the chocolate. I used white chocolate. I have never used anything but white chocolate myself, I was always afraid that it was too much chocolate to use milk chocolate, but I think dark chocolate would be good. I have to admit that I swiped some of the chocolates that Hannah made with my mom to melt down (with her permission of course!) The kids never seem to eat all of the candy they get and I saw no reason to let it go to waste! Oh and you might notice my “double boiler” is a little, um, not a double boiler…but it works. lol

So once the chocolate was all creamy, I removed the pan from the heat and started dipping the Oreo balls. Once dipped place them on some wax paper to cool.

And there they blow… or sit…or umm, await close examination by my taste buds. You call it.

And we had helpers that day… here is one of them “sampling” the peanut butter Oreos that my husband was using to make these.