Master bedroom reveal – almost 4 years in the making!

People!!!! I finally finished the master bedroom. As in 99.9% complete. Seriously, I never thought I would get done. Time is not my friend these days for completing projects, and having 2 kids under 5 is a little challenging as well. I am so happy to be at the end of this though. The fact that we are in desperate need of a bigger home has been a good push to finish this up. We are 6 people living in a 3 bedroom home. That in and of itself is really not an issue…I have no problem with kids sharing rooms. The problem is that we have a big age gap between the 2 sets of kids and the bedrooms we have are SMALL. So after all this time, here is the post where I put together my plans for the room. I think I did a fairly good job sticking to the color scheme and not changing my mind 20 times during the process. Obviously there are components that I did not complete and I am ok with that. At this point, it is sale ready and once we move into a new home I can add new items like lights and rugs. Although my mood board looks much different and I was not able to include all of the elements I had hoped, I like how things turned out.

Here is my mood board:

mood board

And here is the completed room!

master bedroom reveal


master bedroom 1

master bedroom 6

master bedroom 5

I think my favorite part is curtains and the prints above the bed. I made the curtains from clearance table cloths from Target. I should mention that I bought the curtain rods from IKEA a couple of years ago and never bothered to measure before I purchased them and they ended up being too short. Curtains should be hung high and wide – but these guys are hung with what I have. Oops!

tablecloth curtains

table cloth curtains 1


The prints were free from On Sutton Place, the cutest prints I swear!  I have been really into watercolor lately.…… Can you believe those frames are Dollar General frames for 6 bucks??? I feel like I hit the jackpot with those. They are not top quality, but you really can’t tell and they are matted. I made a placemat pillow a while back, and that made its way to the bed as well as another placemat pillow I made for the room. That cute little pillow came from RedEnvelope and you can read about how that pillow came to rest on our bed here. (You can see a complete link up at the bottom of the post on where each element came from that I have blogged about).

free prints framed

master bedroom 4


I probably should have pulled the bed rail down for pics, but honestly I didn’t have the energy to take it out and put it back. That’s just life in our home. The white picture frames on the floor were planned to be on the wall above the dog crates, but I am not sure if I will do that since have moved those shelves there. I am not sold on the shelves, but I really have nowhere else to put it. It actually gives me somewhere to keep a couple of items I have been tucking away in drawers but need easier access to (read – cloth diapers!!!!!!!!!!).   That framed piece above the light switch is a shadow box that I threw some pretty paper in and some arrows cut on my Silhouette Portrait.  It was difficult to get the paper smooth since there was a velvet fabric over the back piece, so I will need to replace it with fabric at some point.

shadow box


The bookcase holds the dog’s sweaters in the black container, while the cubbies under that hold kids books. The bottom shelf has both little ones shoes. Ashton does a stellar job of taking his shoes off daily and putting in his cubby.  The owls above that bookcase were a Goodwill find and an awesome score from the Maple festival years ago. The tree was painted by Hannah – I told her when she painted it I was framing it, lol, I don’t think she believed me.

Over on the tall dresser is the DIY canvas that I made with the kids. I added some letters for Jeff and I as well as a $1 frame with pretty scrapbook paper. Believe it or not, I found that little yellow bird at Michael’s for $2!! He and his big brother (who lives in the living room) really helped me discover what colors I want to bring into my home.

tall dresser styled

tall dresser

Now the long dresser in the room still needs some help since that mirror should be sitting on top of it. I have somehow lost the pieces to hang it, so I have been debating hanging it on the wall or using some scrap wood to mount it to the dresser. I am not usually a fan of the attached mirrors like this, but right now we are working with what we have. My plan had been to refinish a Craigslist find that I picked up for my birthday about 3 years ago, but that is currently sitting in storage. These pieces are my parents, and once we move I will be replacing them with items that I can make work for us a little better. I am so glad to have them right now though! I just added some pictures and odds and ends I have picked up over the years. The flowers are from my wedding bouquet. I have plans for the glass dish, but we shall see how those plans come along. I have really liked the succulent trend, and that dish would be an awesome place to make that happen.   I added the ring holder was a quick project from scrap book paper, a dollar frame and a tea cup hook.  Now maybe I will remember to wear my wedding rings???

master bedroom dresser

master bedroom dresser right

ring holder frame

For the sake of full disclosure, the 2 doors are the closet and master bath.  The closet is no frills but functional, and the master bathroom is actually a very nice room.  The only issue I have with it is the color scheme.  That room was completed prior to my revelation that I didn’t want to stick with browns.  I couldn’t justify the expense of redoing it since it was a nicely put together room already.  And the kiddos LOVE that tub – oh look…they are in there now Winking smile.

master bath

master closet

So that wraps it up. I have to say, it has come miles, and where it stayed for so long is very frustrating, but it is such a relief to be done!

And a little before/after action:


Master Bedroom Before


Master bedroom after


I found some more before pics and thought it would be a nice comparison.  Here is a fun embarrassing photo – the first week we moved in.  WOW what a mess!!!


Master bedroom 1st weekAnd then the arrangement prior to the above “before” photo.  The crib used to reside below that ASM.  🙂  My little man’s cute setup that he never used.  lol


Spray painted lamps

Chevron canvas

Goodwill finds

Mom butterfly heart pillow

Placemat pillow


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More Goodwill finds…

As you saw yesterday… I have been to the Goodwill – Again.  Well, I have a love for owls, and low and behold that I found a neat little owl picture.  It is made from yarn and a burlap material.  It has a couple of the colors that I am using in the master bedroom.  It feels good to finally be purchasing something for the walls in there!  Here he is:



Another great find this past weekend was another piece for the master bedroom and has just as much character as the first!  I scored this for $5 at the Maple festival.  I am very happy with this purchase… it seems to have a story behind it.  When I flipped it over I found this writinscription on owl art

It seems that Mrs. Suttles painted this for her neighbor, in Knoxville, TN no less.  Ready to see what she painted? 



What a great piece, huh?  An owl painted on what looks to be a piece of reclaimed wood.  Love it!  I actually passed it by, then had to go back for it because I knew I would go home and want to kick myself for leaving it. 


Anyone else have any great finds lately?

DIY ruffled pillow

I guess I have had a thing for pillows lately. All the Pinterest surfing has me really paying attention to pillows. I also love some re-purposing of items I already have on hand. Or really cheap ideas. Whichever, something crafty on a budget is what keeps me up at night (and a 16 month old, but what else do I have to do but “day”dream of pillows?). I saw this pin and this pin last week and figured, heck, I can do that. I have been needing to put my new sewing machine to the test and I had been given some valances that, although cute, just didn’t have a place in my house. Now onward with a tutorial of how I made my little ruffled pillow.

I didn’t take pics of the first steps, but it was pretty simple. I figured out how big I wanted my pillow to be, and cut out 2 panels(cut 3 if you want the front and back to have the same material). I then cut one of the panels into 2 inch strips. I took each strip and ran a long stitch down the center of it (no backstitching!) Once I had all the strips stitched, I started at one and held one of the pieces of thread while pushing up on the fabric. This started to bunch the fabric in little ruffles. I pushed mine pretty tight and stretched them as needed once I started laying them out on the pillow face. *one tip – use good thread! Cheap thread will break when you start pulling to ruffle it.* You can see in the pic below where I had all the pieces bunched up, and stretched the first out where I wanted it to fall.

Remember to leave about 1/2″ seam allowance. I let my strips overlap the allowance a little (not enough though, I ended up having to sew with about an inch seam allowance to catch-all the ends). Just watch when you pin them that you have the ends of your strips either all the way to the edge or sew overtop of the ends.

I pinned each ruffle down trying to keep the ends as straight as possible. I discovered while I was sewing them on that the most important step here is to make each strip’s first stitching line straight.

As you can see here, I just sewed each ruffle on by going over top that first stitch. As I went, I found that where the strips were not straight, I just unpinned, pinned them back and voila, easier to sew. If you look to the right of this photo, the edge ended up being 2 inches once I straightened out all of the ruffles and sewed them on. I just cut an inch off so that the whole piece would have the same seam allowance.

You can see that 2 inch side better in this pic.

And a little close up of the sewed on ruffles.

Here is what the back looks like…not really pretty, but no one will see it.

I also didn’t take pics of the next step. I didn’t use the same material to back the pillow. My bonus daughter had some old dress up clothes she was getting rid of, so I snagged a white dress out of it and used that for the back.

I placed the back piece and the ruffles face to face (front of the ruffles to what would show on the back of the pillow. Then I stitched all around the edges, leaving a small hole (maybe 4 inches) open to stuff the pillow fluff.

I actually sewed 3 sides and flipped it right side out to see how my edges looked and discovered that not all of the ends of my ruffles and made it into the inside of the pillow. So all I did was turn it inside out again and do another stitch a little further inside the first. You can trim extra material if you like. I did not.

I stuffed it, then turned the raw edges of that 4 inches I left open in and sewed it up on the sewing machine. Easy peasy. And I should note at this point… I don’t know how to sew. I am learning very, veerryy slowly.

Voila! Here you go…. one ruffled pillow!

And the back..

And here you can see how all of the ends of the ruffles are sewn inside. HHmmm little lumpy huh… needs some fluffing.

All done! My second pillow project complete!

Although it’s cute… I really don’t have a place for it in the house just yet still. I think I need to start working on pillows with a place in mind. But green is a good color, and I may work it in!

Anyone else been working on “pin” projects? Making pillows? Dreaming of pillows?