Cloth diaper update and other ramblings

Well, its been a few weeks since we started cloth diapering. We purchased 7 diapers of various brands and types in order to determine what would work for us/Ashton. So, here is my report on that….

*****Warning- the next list is a little graphic…skim past if you must!*****

1. Dirty cloth diapers are a little gross when your baby is still nursing…seriously, it’s gross.
2. Ashton’s little tush looks so freakin cute in them!!!
3. You must change cloth diapers a little more often.
4. Ashton doesn’t wet a diaper much at night, so no need for night-time diapers – and thank goodness cause those things are beasts!!
5. We definitely need at least 12 diapers in rotation to go completely cloth.
6. You need special detergents to wash cloth diapers so that they maintain absorbency.
7. Some brands fit different than others.
8. Sometimes the smell doesn’t come out in one wash (they make stuff to help with that, just need to pick some up)
9. I believe we are ready to make the switch to 99.9% cloth.

It is more work by far to cloth diaper, especially keeping up with getting them back and forth to my mom’s so that she has diapers during the week/day or him. And she will be leaving me the dirties to deal with when I get off work lol. Can’t blame her there. But all-in-all I like the switch. I feel good about it. And I am very sure my pocket book will feel good about it too!!!

ok, now for the ramblings… I was looking back at my blog posts and realized that I have/will be talking a lot about what I want to do or will do, and I don’t have much to talk about what I HAVE done. I want to remedy that and I am positively itching to start something… ok, and finish it.. Seriously, I think I am going to have to do something big this weekend. I need a change in the house. I am not entirely sure what I will do, but stay tuned!!! I also have a bunch of photos from Halloween and other family odds and ends that I need to share…so more on that to come.

oh, and I find posts to be more interesting if they have a few pictures in them… so for the sake of keeping it interesting… I thought I would share some of the things I have been pinning lately šŸ™‚

maternity pics

Image found over at Bon Temps Beignet

stamp monogram
Image found at the lil house that could
This is the manner pig… use it at the dinner table, the person who is not minding their manners gets the pig(for being a pig) and the last one with it has clean up duty!

Idea found at Madsens Memories

Anyone else have a hankering to make a change??

Cloth or plastic?

Not exactly the question they ask at the grocery store, huh? Well that is the question that we asked ourselves recently. Cloth diapers of plastic disposables? Some of you will cringe when you read this, but we are going cloth. At least that is the plan!! I finally picked up some cloth diapers today. And by finally, I mean after realizing that there are so.many.choices.out.there. These aren’t the same white cloths with cute little safety pins your momma used.
I ended up finding a local momma who was destaching(paring down her diaper stash) and bought some very gently used cloth diapers for my little man. We are starting with AIO(all-in-ones), pocket diapers and fitteds for night-time. I chose several kinds in hopes to discover which we like the best. I have to tell ya, one of the diapers I purchased is absolutely adorable. I can’t wait to get it on his cute little bum.

From all I have read from other’s experience… have at least 12 diapers, wash every other day, use a wet bag while you are out (I guess a kroger bag will work till we decide if we are committing to this). Some people love it, some people have no use for it, and some people have never tried it. I sure hope we are in the ‘love it’ crowd!! If you add up what we have spent on diapers since Ashton was born, it’s creeping close to a grand. Yikes! And going cloth is kinda like going green… no more disposables filling up land fills from our house! we go.. this will be a new adventure!!!

Anyone out there using cloths? How do/did you like them? Share your experience!