Our style… which is… ???

I was blog hopping today, one of my favorite things to do. I realized that although I am trying to put my home together, I have no concrete inspiration. What do I really want my house to look like? What would my dream home look like? Are there certain aspects of a home that make it stand out to me?? I have seen lots of homes that I like. But I don’t know that I have really pinned down a style for myself and my family. So on with my evolution!!! I need inspiration. I culled the web for the ones that I loved. I keep coming back to the living room/family room since it seems to be a communal place in our home. That and the kitchen. And of course, a couple of the bedroom. Here are a few:

I really like the modern feel here. And despite the grays, it has a warm feeling… or maybe it’s the fireplace…??

Orchard Family Room B contemporary family room

I love the texture this room has. And the windows…but unless Jeff is going to let me knock out walls, we will just have to live with the 4 windows we have in the space šŸ™‚

Orinda Family Fun Room modern family room

This room looks like “us”. It is comfortable, uncluttered, and do you see all that white??? But it’s not like white that the kids and dogs would destroy… well, except for those nice rugs..those will have to be replaced by something that can actually get dirty and still look good. And I can see that ottoman there in front of the sofa with storage in it for blankets and such. Oh and picture the wall with the TV with lots of wood…like rustic old pallet wood. OH yea… it’s gonna happen.

Basement Family Room modern family room

Then there is this little gem… what do you think of that rug? Kinda crazy huh? Or maybe that driftwood table… there are several nice touches to this room with accessories. I like it, yes I do.

Modern bookself contemporary family room

Now this room is different… and I’m not just referring to the derrhier over there in the corner… we have kids in the house, a little naked hiney running around isn’t abnormal for us. I love the pops of vibrant yellow set against a darker tone.

Bold dramatic statements eclectic family room

All of the above images were found via Houzz

Now to branch out to the bedroom a little… ok, well maybe just one that I fell in love with. I can’t say much about this bedroom, I think the picture says it all. Can you believe that trunk at the end of the bed is super duper easy to make?? Go check it out at Lowes.


Ok, to sum up what we are looking for…
I really like using white, but lets just be real-deal-honest here…. a lot of white is not happening in my home. 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband would turn white into something icky real quick.
I love color, lots of vibrant color.
I like the use of something unexpected and clever.
I like a little drama.—as in some decor drama…you can keep the rest of the drama to yourselves thank.you.very.much

Those are a lot of “I’s” huh? So, that’s me… how about the rest of the family. Hannah wants to be comfortable, she is pretty easy to please. Garrett wants to have a fun place to watch movies and play the occasional video game. Ashton wants to have something he can pull stuff out of and put back. And Jeff? He just wants it to work. It does seem that I am the picky one of the bunch, eh? I think we can get it all. I’m going to think outside of the box on this one. We have a blank canvas in the living room. The only constants will have to be placement of the TV due to only one wall being available for it, and placement of the sectional since it is so large.

I believe that once I get the main areas of the home mapped out, I will have an easier time putting together the rest of the house. I have severe design ADD… like I see something, love it, then 2 minutes later I see something else that I just have to do too….ugh, frustrating. It will eventually all come together, though. I will nail it down, one way or another. And you guys get to see it all metamorphose into something wonderful(I hope!).

Anyone else trying to pull together inspiration? Or maybe you have some hiney art in your house? Trying to incorporate your whole family in your choices? I have to admire someone who has actually been able to pull that off….