Spring photo challenge

It’s Spring!!  Finally.. I didn’t think winter was going to give up this year.  Katie Bower issued a spring photo challenge and I thought that since we actually took some spring pictures that I would join in.  We still don’t have a pic of all the kids together.. this next one is the closest I could get Smile  Crazy kids. I checked out some of the other entries so far and it’s fun to see what other people are taking pictures of.  Lots of kids and May flowers!   I can’t say there is much about my pics that is special than the subjects… I am learning angles and lighting.  I shot these all in auto so until I learn to take some in manual mode I won’t really feel like I am advancing.  I am learning my camera though and I am having fun! DSC_2230 Brantley   DSC_2183   Hannah   Garrett   Ashton playing   Head over to Bower Power and check out the rest of the photos!


Merry Christmas!

Wishing a Merry Christmas to all. I hope your holiday is filled with love and family.

These four right here are what make this the most wonderful time if the year for me.


2013 and what it will bring

Well, it’s a new year. There was way too much going on for me in 2012, some good, some not so much. I took a little break here to keep the rest of my life in order during a pregnancy. 7 weeks postpartum and I have finally found my fuel to get going again! I have completed a project, started a couple more and I may just have the time to write about them in the near future. I have had my hands full with a 2 yr old and this little guy for the last 7 weeks and I returned to work full-time. It’s going to be challenging, but I enjoy the projects and sharing them so much that I would be doing an injustice to myself to not get back in the game. So be looking for some new stuff!!

And an introduction is in order… meet the newest member of our family – taking us from 5 to an even 6!

Brantley Cole

Brantley Cole

Updates on life and pregnancy

Can you beleive that I am actually writing a post? Nah, me either. Seems like it has been forever since I have had the energy or even desire to write a post. Now that I am past all the morning sickness, well into the second trimester, I am getting some more pep in my step.

So what have I been doing for the last few months? Well, besides just trying to make it through bouts of morning sickness, we have seen the new munchkin a couple of times and even found out that we will be having another little boy. I have finally gotten back at some of my home decor/DIY projects. I have even been trying my hand with sewing some repurposed maternity clothes. The kids are now on summer break and getting back from camp today….. and planning vacations and other fun summer stuff before school starts back up.

I bet your wondering what I am talking about with those repurposed maternity clothes? Well, when I’m pregnant, I love me some full panel maternity bottoms. They are just comfy and make me feel all supported in my belly. Did I mention that maternity clothes can get pricey? And they will only be worn for, umm, 129 more days. Give or take a few of course. I have no desire to spend a bunch of money on clothes right now. So I culled the web for alternatives. Of course, the web delivered. I came across a bunch of pants tutorials as well as shirts.

Here are a couple that I found:

All via Pinterest. Here are the links to the blogs: 1. Create Studio 2. icandy handmade 3. Sew like my mom

My game plan was to pick up a couple pairs of jeans from Goodwill, maybe a couple of baby Ts and make some jeans. So I stopped by and picked up 2 pairs of jeans. I wore each pair before I made changes to be sure I really liked them. Wel turns out one pair I can’t bear to cut up, so they will go in my rotation for post-baby. I will just go ahead and grab a pair from my drawer to replace them. I started on the other pair of jeans. I followed the tutorials, but kind of mixed 2. I didn’t want to cut the back waist off so I just cut the front. No go. I will need to make some adjustments on that pair. Oh and get some elastic, cause they must have that. I am going to see what I can do with them this weekend. I also plan on making some shorts and dress pants. I came across 2 tube tops I was going to get rid of that would be perfect to just sew onto a pair of jeans for the full panel. Score! 🙂 I will post pics once I have them finished!

Oh and about this new little munchkin – I had a great reveal pic planned. Something like this:

Photo found here.

But… I was afraid I couldn’t get the box in the car with the kids, then I forgot to get the balloons. Ugh… preggo brain!!! So we improvised. I ran to the dollar store and we did this:

Ashton was supposed to be holding an “a” but after 2 popped balloons we said forget it, just get a smiling pic!!! Oh and please disregard how incredibly dirty Ashton is… he is ALL little boy! He and Garrett were playing..lol

Oh and I swapped the kids rooms around. Garrett and Ashton will be sharing a room, and Hannah’s will be getting a fun makeover. Hannah had the bigger room, so it just made sense to have the 2 boys take that one and set Hannah up in the other. I am excited to get it all done. I’m also excited for Ashton to move in there with Garrett, that will prove to be much harder than painting all the walls and moving furniture!!

But that’s me… at least what I can think of at the moment. What about you?

Such a random Monday post

I have to admit, I sat down last night to put together a post and realized that I don’t really have any of my projects finished to post about. Lots of stuff in-process, but nothing checked off just yet. The joys of working full-time and trying to DIY and blog and spend quality family time. So I thought I would put a post together chalk full of randomness that has intrigued me lately. Have I told you that I have a little bit of ADD when it comes to decorating and ideas? Oh yea… it’s bad. SO here you go… let’s see if I can make it through this whole post without forgetting something I meant to write about at the beginning…

1. I just heard of Manteresting last night… oh yes, you read that correctly. Men apparently need a Pinterest, too, just without out all of the furry lovable creatures and make-up tutes on “ours”hehe

2. I was all geared up for spring..even considering putting away some of the winter clothes… ohhh no, old man winter has a sick sense of humor… see our roads this morning (for the record, I tried to get out, turned around and went home).


3. I am in complete and total debt to bloggers that give blogging tips. Seriously, I am new…if someone doesn’t tell me some of the tricks of the trade, I may never figure them out. Total lack of imagination in that department. See these posts for examples:

Vintage Revivals info on Windows Live Writer
nesting place on Pinterest and blogging

4. See there? I forgot what #4 was supposed to be. Ugh.

5. Went to my sister-in-laws apartment this weekend. I am going to have to adjust the color scheme I had chosen thanks to some crazy tan-colored walls in there. OH well… on a brighter note? Her turquoise wall is A-MA-ZING!!

6. I started a project last night that I am hoping turns out…it’s SUPER cheap and simple – now lets see if the idea pans out. It included an old towel, paint and some zigzags.

7. I am purging like a crazy woman. Seriously, how did we accumulate all of this stuff??? There are 4 1/2 people who live in our home, why on earth do we have 30 towels?? And I didn’t stop at the towels – no place in the house is safe right now. So far we probably have 4 boxes of yard sale stuff. Feels good to look in the closets and see the walls behind the shelves again. ***Note to my husband…you know that means I will need to be “prettifying” them now right?** I can almost hear him groan lol

8. My son is a screamer. I never would have imagined that in a million years… I despise screaming children. And no that doesn’t mean I despise him lol, it means that we have a lot of work to kick that habit with him… progress to date? Not only is he screaming at us when we do something he doesn’t like, he hits us. UUUGGHHH!!

9. I started on the master bedroom… slowly but surely I will get it done. I am VERY excited. I have never actually been able to do a “married girl” room before complete with wall decor, paint, all of it! 🙂 Here is the color I chose..


10. I saw a double rainbow last week… one complete one (I could see both sides, and another partial). It’s gonna be a good year!!


11. I am starting Ashton early on loving some DIY …. and Garrett loves some DIY too!! Look at him working on the gun rack he is making with my dad for his room 🙂 Love it!!



So that’s all the random facts I can think of at the moment. Here is hoping I can finish a project this week. What about you guys? Any fun facts to share? Maybe you actually finished a project???

How sweet it is

Isn’t it sweet that it’s Friday? I think it is… and I completely missed sharing a sweet spot I visited a couple of weeks ago.  he weekend my sister-in-law was in, we made a pit stop from fabric shopping over to a local cupcake shop, Bubble Cake. It is the cutest place, complete with jars full of sprinkles and a comfortable “eating” area.





We each picked out a yummy treat and settled in to test it out. I picked a crème Brule cupcake, complete with that crispy sugar crust. Sorry I didn’t think to take a pic before I started in on it… oops!



Here is my sister-in-law’s… yum!



She got a Palm beach brownie… seriously… this thing was rich!!

Oh and you know the little man had to get some… whenever he sees something he wants to eat he starts in with “hum” until you give him a bite. He really is insistent. I think he had an idea what was in store.



And then right before we went to leave he decided he wanted to sit in this chair, and he wanted that table to put his drink on. He settled in and commenced to cleaning the chocolate off of that spoon. He didn’t really want to leave. Isn’t he adorable??? Ok, I am a little biased, right? J


ASM at BC1


And another reason I am so glad it’s Friday is that I have plans for the weekend… it involves this little sketch I made up the other day. I need to do some measuring and make it more to scale, but I bet you can’t guess what I am doing!!




Anyone else have big weekend plans? Had any sweet treats lately? Maybe you have had a 17 month old boss you around?

A Very Merry Christmas to you!

I hope that you all are spending time with your families and loved ones this fine Christmas day. Take time to enjoy the things that really matter in all the hustle and bustle of the season. And be sure to partake in all the holidays have to offer, like chocolate for breakfast… at least that’s what we do in our house! 😉

DIY Advent Calendar

It is officially December, and I can decorate and play Christmas music, and drink lots of cocoa… without feeling like I am cheating on Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, holidays are being pushed hard out in the stores, and we are already seeing the next one long before the upcoming one is even here. I do fully enjoy Christmas though. It is my very fav holiday. So in the spirit of Christmas, I decided advent calendars were in order. My husband and mother both had the idea of using the calendar to plan great activities with the kids. Of course, candy has to be involved somewhere in there, and candy there will be!

I got started by searching the web for ideas. I saw lots of really neat ideas. And several were “pinned” for use in future years. As far as this year is concerned, I didn’t want to have to purchase anything. I have plenty of tools available to make a neat advent calendar without purchasing materials for it. So I jumped onto Publisher and searched clip art for Christmas themed pictures.

I did put most of this together pre-December 1st… I just procrastinate like crazy so the kids got to do 3 days in one day.. lol lucky them!

Here are the materials that I used:

paper and printer
hole punch

I came across these neat little trees, and there were a bunch of different colors and designs.

I sized them to what I felt would be big enough, added a number in white to each as well as a rectangle around it so that I would have a line to follow when cutting these out. Here is a pic with scissors so you can get an idea how big they are.

Hannah and I sat down and cut them all Saturday afternoon. I originally was going to make 3 of them, one for each child. But after cutting about 3/4 of them, I decided that it was just too much to do all of them, and there was no reason that the kids couldn’t share one. I received a littl grumbling from Hannah on that since she had already cut a bunch out. lol Preteens and their expectations of not doing more than they need to, gosh!

Once they were all cut out, I punched one hole in the top right corner of each one. I suppose I could have cut a whole in each upper corner, or the left corner, but the right corner just felt right. Then I enlisted the help of my mother in law and Hannah again to write the activities on each tree. We flipped over the peices and wrote a little activity on each one.

Here are a few of the activities that we used. I made some up and also searched the web for any good ideas….

1. Enjoy a treat!
2. Make up your own flavor of ice cream!
3. Take a silly Christmas photo!
4. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
5. Make a Christmas milkshake.
6. Read a Christmas book.
7. Look under your pillow for a special treat!
8. Decorate the Christmas tree!
9. Have a Christmas treasure hunt!
10. Make a Christmas collage from magazine clippings.
11. Watch a Christmas movie.
12. Sing Christmas carols.
13. Watch a slideshow of 2011 pictures.
14. Track Santa online with the Norad Santa Tracker
15. Have a Christmas themed breakfast.
16. Make Christmas cookies!

I had several repeats of the “Enjoy a treat!” to make sure they still were able to get in their chocolate fix for the season 🙂 And for the 25th, when they turn it over it says “Look for your surprise!” I intend to put a picture behind this one and have them find one of their gifts by finding all of the clues in a treasure hunt like deal. And it is so great that this is our year to have the kids on Christmas morning, so it should be quite a day since Ashton is really into the spirit already!

With that complete, I put 6 nails in the wall in 3 rows of 2. I spread each set of nails out about 3 feet or so and spaced out each row 2 feet or so. I used a level to make sure that I was putting them up level. I used tiny little black nails that were in a nail kit I was given a few years ago. I have no clue what they are called, but really, any nail will work depending on how you want it to look. I was going to use thumbtacks but didn’t see any at the hosue that I liked. Next, I cut 3 equal lenghths of string. I tied one end of one peice of string on the top nail, threaded some of the trees onto the the string, then tied it on the other side. I just spread them out how I liked and the let the string have enough slack so that they would “hang” a little.

And here you go! Here is our advent calendar for 2011!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful festive weekend full of Christmas cheer! Did anyone else decorate the house? Or put together an advent calendar? Or did anyone use the weekend to get some shopping done before the big day??

Read all about it!!

A few new goings-on for my little blog…first, I am introducing “Where Love and Family Meet” as the blog to actually keep track of my family and read about family-like topics. wherelovemeetslife is officially going to stick with home decor and DIY and all those fun topics. So head over and check it out… I will get rolling with some fun family posts and the first post will be sure to get some reactions. Thanks for keeping with me on this little journey, I hope to keep it rolling gangsta style. Well, sorta, if a Honda Pilot can be considered gangsta.

Head over to Where Love and Family Meet and take a gander! I will prettify that blog as I can… it’s not all fancy schmancy just yet.

I have also now added a Facebook page and a Twitter page. So if that’s how you stay in the know… link up and stay tuned for more!

Cloth diaper update and other ramblings

Well, its been a few weeks since we started cloth diapering. We purchased 7 diapers of various brands and types in order to determine what would work for us/Ashton. So, here is my report on that….

*****Warning- the next list is a little graphic…skim past if you must!*****

1. Dirty cloth diapers are a little gross when your baby is still nursing…seriously, it’s gross.
2. Ashton’s little tush looks so freakin cute in them!!!
3. You must change cloth diapers a little more often.
4. Ashton doesn’t wet a diaper much at night, so no need for night-time diapers – and thank goodness cause those things are beasts!!
5. We definitely need at least 12 diapers in rotation to go completely cloth.
6. You need special detergents to wash cloth diapers so that they maintain absorbency.
7. Some brands fit different than others.
8. Sometimes the smell doesn’t come out in one wash (they make stuff to help with that, just need to pick some up)
9. I believe we are ready to make the switch to 99.9% cloth.

It is more work by far to cloth diaper, especially keeping up with getting them back and forth to my mom’s so that she has diapers during the week/day or him. And she will be leaving me the dirties to deal with when I get off work lol. Can’t blame her there. But all-in-all I like the switch. I feel good about it. And I am very sure my pocket book will feel good about it too!!!

ok, now for the ramblings… I was looking back at my blog posts and realized that I have/will be talking a lot about what I want to do or will do, and I don’t have much to talk about what I HAVE done. I want to remedy that and I am positively itching to start something… ok, and finish it.. Seriously, I think I am going to have to do something big this weekend. I need a change in the house. I am not entirely sure what I will do, but stay tuned!!! I also have a bunch of photos from Halloween and other family odds and ends that I need to share…so more on that to come.

oh, and I find posts to be more interesting if they have a few pictures in them… so for the sake of keeping it interesting… I thought I would share some of the things I have been pinning lately 🙂

maternity pics

Image found over at Bon Temps Beignet

stamp monogram
Image found at the lil house that could
This is the manner pig… use it at the dinner table, the person who is not minding their manners gets the pig(for being a pig) and the last one with it has clean up duty!

Idea found at Madsens Memories

Anyone else have a hankering to make a change??