I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet

Although I feel like I want to sometimes! This first trimester has been tough to say the least. The morning sickness and fatigue seemed to set in pretty quick after I found out about the pregnancy. I am now into my 13th week and it’s still hanging around, although I have more good moments. Have I been getting anything done? Oh NO… nothing. The project in the bedroom? I was getting to the point of caulking and painting then ran into a little snafu with a warped board and just haven’t been able to bring myself to deal with it just yet. Oh and I managed to get sick one weekend, then Ashton and I both caught a stomach bug. See? I told you it’s been tough. And my first prenatal appointment was scheduled the day I was sick with the stomach bug, so that had to be rescheduled. And my current To Do Item? FIguring out how I am going to handle prenatal/labor/delivery with this baby.

My first birth did not go as planned, not that many do I am sure. But I wanted an all natural birth… the whole “oh, there is a contraction” then building into them and finally making it to the hospital just in time to deliver. Ummmm… yea, my contractions started hard at 2 minutes apart and radiated from my abdomen to my back. And did I take birth classes to prepare?? Oh no…. I read a book.. read some birth stories…and thought I was so ready. lol I was NOT prepared for the level of pain that I was going to experience. Looking back, there was a lot I could have done to manage much better had I known. At least this time around I know more of what to expect. I am trying my best to compare options and costs and do the best I can with this little one!

My plan was to birth in a birth center. But sadly, the closest birth centers are in Radford and Rocky Mount. That is a good 45 minutes and 30 minutes from my job. And that makes them over an hour from home. That stresses me out just to think about it! So I have considered a doula and hospital birth. Still looking at a chunk of change. I need to have a natural birth the most cost-effective way as possible. Let’s face it, kids aren’t cheap anyway…let’s not pile on hospital bills from day one!

And the house projects? They need to be done. We still haven’t listed our house and the house is.a.wreck. And that is being nice about it. The bedroom isn’t finished, and I haven’t done anything to the master closet as planned. I did, however, get the laundry room almost done. Of course, that was out of necessity. 🙂

So stay tuned… as this haze lifts I will be back and have lots more to talk about and show you!!


10 thoughts on “I haven’t fallen off the face of the planet

    • Your dad is so right!! I have tried my best to not add to the list anymore for the time being. I’m sure by this time in a couple of weeks I will be back to par! Thanks Kelly!

    • Oh yes. lol But I shouldn’t complain too much…there are always those who have it worse off then myself! I’m looking forward to being able to finish up some projects! Thanks for stopping in Whitney!

  1. Things will improve. We are currently 15 weeks and I have come down with pneumonia for the second time since January. I, like you, am waiting for things to start getting a little better. I just keep reminding myself what I get in the end! It’ll all be worth it! Good luck and keep usposted!

    • Oh wow! I don’t know how I would handle pneumonia! I sure hope things get much better for you very soon. And yes, the end result is worth all of the trouble….nothing worth having is usually easy 🙂 Congrats and good luck as well!

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