More Goodwill finds…

As you saw yesterday… I have been to the Goodwill – Again.  Well, I have a love for owls, and low and behold that I found a neat little owl picture.  It is made from yarn and a burlap material.  It has a couple of the colors that I am using in the master bedroom.  It feels good to finally be purchasing something for the walls in there!  Here he is:



Another great find this past weekend was another piece for the master bedroom and has just as much character as the first!  I scored this for $5 at the Maple festival.  I am very happy with this purchase… it seems to have a story behind it.  When I flipped it over I found this writinscription on owl art

It seems that Mrs. Suttles painted this for her neighbor, in Knoxville, TN no less.  Ready to see what she painted? 



What a great piece, huh?  An owl painted on what looks to be a piece of reclaimed wood.  Love it!  I actually passed it by, then had to go back for it because I knew I would go home and want to kick myself for leaving it. 


Anyone else have any great finds lately?


14 thoughts on “More Goodwill finds…

  1. Can you believe I saw this same picture of owl at goodwill but didn’t know you had a passion for owls. Great find at festival! It’s always nice to find something with a story behind it.

    • Oh yes! Love owls… I am trying not to overdue it lol. I can’t wait to get them both up! Of course, the one frame needs some spray paint first 😉

  2. I totally agree on the prices! They have gradually gone way up since everyone has jumped on the DIY thrifty bandwagon. I have seen some things just dollars away from a brand new item at Target. How does that make any sense. Even worse at our local Goodwill, we have professional re-salers who come everyday at opening to get the best deals and pieces. With two little ones to cart around, I rarely make it at opening and by the time I get them in the cart and over there- those men have it. I have been known to move several steps at a time with the kids in the cart and dragging several pieces of furniture toward the register!!

    • It is very frustrating! I’m glad you don’t give up and elbow your way through still! I was actually at the Goodwill yesterday and saw some batting with a store sticker on it still -they had priced it higher than the original cost. ??? Makes no sense to me.

  3. Would love for you to go to Richmond with me to check out all of the thrift stores. The prices are great and you would love it. I have two that are my favorite. One is an old warehouse just full of bargains. Let me know when you are ready to take a trip! I’ll send you the link on fb.
    I love you!

    • As soon as we move! I don’t want to add to the house right now since we are trying to get sell it, but once we move I have no doubt we will have new spaces to fill!

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