Such a random Monday post

I have to admit, I sat down last night to put together a post and realized that I don’t really have any of my projects finished to post about. Lots of stuff in-process, but nothing checked off just yet. The joys of working full-time and trying to DIY and blog and spend quality family time. So I thought I would put a post together chalk full of randomness that has intrigued me lately. Have I told you that I have a little bit of ADD when it comes to decorating and ideas? Oh yea… it’s bad. SO here you go… let’s see if I can make it through this whole post without forgetting something I meant to write about at the beginning…

1. I just heard of Manteresting last night… oh yes, you read that correctly. Men apparently need a Pinterest, too, just without out all of the furry lovable creatures and make-up tutes on “ours”hehe

2. I was all geared up for spring..even considering putting away some of the winter clothes… ohhh no, old man winter has a sick sense of humor… see our roads this morning (for the record, I tried to get out, turned around and went home).


3. I am in complete and total debt to bloggers that give blogging tips. Seriously, I am new…if someone doesn’t tell me some of the tricks of the trade, I may never figure them out. Total lack of imagination in that department. See these posts for examples:

Vintage Revivals info on Windows Live Writer
nesting place on Pinterest and blogging

4. See there? I forgot what #4 was supposed to be. Ugh.

5. Went to my sister-in-laws apartment this weekend. I am going to have to adjust the color scheme I had chosen thanks to some crazy tan-colored walls in there. OH well… on a brighter note? Her turquoise wall is A-MA-ZING!!

6. I started a project last night that I am hoping turns out…it’s SUPER cheap and simple – now lets see if the idea pans out. It included an old towel, paint and some zigzags.

7. I am purging like a crazy woman. Seriously, how did we accumulate all of this stuff??? There are 4 1/2 people who live in our home, why on earth do we have 30 towels?? And I didn’t stop at the towels – no place in the house is safe right now. So far we probably have 4 boxes of yard sale stuff. Feels good to look in the closets and see the walls behind the shelves again. ***Note to my husband…you know that means I will need to be “prettifying” them now right?** I can almost hear him groan lol

8. My son is a screamer. I never would have imagined that in a million years… I despise screaming children. And no that doesn’t mean I despise him lol, it means that we have a lot of work to kick that habit with him… progress to date? Not only is he screaming at us when we do something he doesn’t like, he hits us. UUUGGHHH!!

9. I started on the master bedroom… slowly but surely I will get it done. I am VERY excited. I have never actually been able to do a “married girl” room before complete with wall decor, paint, all of it! 🙂 Here is the color I chose..


10. I saw a double rainbow last week… one complete one (I could see both sides, and another partial). It’s gonna be a good year!!


11. I am starting Ashton early on loving some DIY …. and Garrett loves some DIY too!! Look at him working on the gun rack he is making with my dad for his room 🙂 Love it!!



So that’s all the random facts I can think of at the moment. Here is hoping I can finish a project this week. What about you guys? Any fun facts to share? Maybe you actually finished a project???


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