Faux capiz chandelier

I have been meaning to write about the a project I did right before I started this blog.  I kept putting it off since I didn’t have any pics of the process,  and finally decided that it was actually a successful project, and I needed to share it.  I had been seeing capiz chandeliers in people’s homes (in blog land) and really liked them.  The problem is, these chandeliers are out.of.my.reach.by.miles in the price department.  Then I started to see where people had made faux capiz chandeliers.  Perfect solution, right??!! I mean, they are made of wax paper, string and various metal bases.  Cheap…possibly time consuming, but pretty simple.  The first thing I had to do was figure out a base that would work for me.  I was on the hunt for a little while.  I had seen several different options used on different sites.The main one that I used was this one from Freshly Picked.  I lucked out in September, when my mom was going to toss an old lamp shade.  She let me take it, and even let me borrow some spray paint to paint it white.  I didn’t take any pics of the process, but there are many great tutorials out there that I will link up to.  I used a couple of different tutorials to get this thing done, it took me a while, but I did get it done.   I will give the best recap I can without pics to demonstrate the steps.


My first step was to get all of my supplies together. Here is what I used:


wax paper

red solo cup

ink pen


white thread

frame (I used the metal frame to a tapered lamp shade)

hooks that screw into the wall



The first thing I did was to pull all of the fabric off of the shade.  Once it was cleaned off, I spray painted it white.  That was probably the easiest step of this whole project.

Next, I took wax paper in strips about 2 feet long and ironed 2 pieces together.  I put the pieces together and laid them on the ironing board, placing an old shirt on top and bottom of them to keep any wax from melting on the iron or the ironing board.  Once the pieces were ironed together – I started the part that had me wishing I had just shopped harder for a cheap capiz.  lol.  I took the solo cup and traced as many circles on the pieces of ironed together wax paper as I could fit.  Then I spent countless hours cutting, and cutting and cutting… seriously.. buy a circle cutter if you are going to attempt this. 

I actually found the next step kind of interesting.  I chose how far I wanted my “shells” to hang down, and proceeded to sew them together in strips 2 times that length.  I followed this video, because at first I thought it was not possible to sew them with thread….I was wrong!  Hop over there and check it out… she gives a very simple tutorial on the sewing the “shells” together. 


This is pretty much the meat of the project.  Once you have all of your strips sewn together, drape them evenly around your upside down, spray painted lamp shade.  Once you feel you have covered the shade and made it as full as you want, you need to hang it.  I ended up making loops with some picture hanging wire in 4 spots on the top of the frame, then screwing some hooks into the ceiling around the light fixture that was already up (a boob light without the glass dome).  That’s it!  If you can stick it out through the circle cutting marathon, you will have an awesome faux capiz chandelier!


Here are some photos of the chandelier hanging…









Here is a shot from below inside the chandelier, it fits perfectly over the fixture.



And here is how it is hung… be very careful to get those screwed in straight and tight.



I like how it turned out.  It doesn’t look like a real capiz to me, but I find it to be a cute alternative.  Hannah loves it and is ready for me to get going on the rest of her room!!  One step at a time… lol  One step that I didn’t take was adding a wire around the middle of the shade to add another layer to it.  I think it would look nice, but I am happy with how it is.  It’s good to know there are other options though!


Has anyone else been making any faux decorations lately?  Maybe you have some favorite light fixtures you have on display? 


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