DIY Storage Ottoman reveal

Well… it took some time, and trial and error, but I did it.  I made a storage ottoman form a standard, non-storage ottoman!  If you recall, I scored this ottoman from Goodwill a couple of weeks ago.





Well,here it is!!  All decked out in new duds.




It was in decent condition, just outdated and lots of wasted space inside.  My vision was to make this a storage ottoman that could be used to store all sorts of goodies.  This is all in line with our need for more storage in our home.  I am determined to add storage, but only if it is attractive.  So my plan of action was to pull all of that fabric off and see what I had underneath. 



After I cleaned off all of the fabric this is what I was left with.  This is actually flipped upside down.  I was hoping there would be a top and bottom piece of wood, but there was only a top piece.  So much for using only what as existing… I would have to figure out how to create a top and bottom.  My sister-in-law had a good idea, pop off that piece that was already on the top, and use it as the top since it was the perfect size, then use a piece of plywood I had in the shed to create a bottom in it. 


Did I mention this thing had a lot of staples?  I mean a LOT of staples, it was ridiculous.  Whoever had built this thing was not intending for it to be taken part.



The next steps were pretty simple.  I measured the outside of the ottoman and cut my material about 2 inches longer.  The I laid the fabric on one side and began stapling it by stretching it over the top and then the bottom.  I did the entire top of one side, then pulled it tight across the bottom.  If you notice, I have tabs cut out around those supports inside.  I simply cut those pieces back when I had it all stapled on.








Here is where I ran into a bit of a problem…. when I got to the very end of the fabric, I had to attach it to the ottoman.  I folded it over and staples it.  I did not like how this looked at all.  I hopped online and did some searching for ideas of how to remedy this.  I found this tutorial over at Running with Scissors




I pulled MORE staples out… lol ugh!  This was actually an easy step, turn the fabric face to face and sew a quick seam in it.  Turn it right side out and pull it down over the ottoman.




Now you may have noticed that the inside of this ottoman is particle board.  I will have to be careful what I put inside this unless I line it somehow.  I had purchased a flat white sheet from the Goodwill a while back and was holding onto it in case I needed it.  That would work perfect for this ottoman.  So I put together a quick plan after measuring out the ottoman.



Thanks to my mom for helping me get all these pieces cut.  I am sooo new at this and she keeps me straight on cutting fabric correctly.   I lined up all the pieces before I started sewing them together, just to be sure I wasn’t horribly off on any of my cuts. 



I sewed all of them together in a circle, then sewed them onto a bottom piece of the sheet.  (Should I mention that I sewed the bottom on the wrong side the first time??  lol thank goodness for seam rippers).

Here it is!  I stapled my lining on at first, but I didn’t like how that turned out either, so I went back and hot glued it in.  I am actually quite pleased that this worked out so well, I came up with the liner all on my own, and I am NOT experienced in this sort of thing.



The next item to take care of is the lid.  Again, this part was straight forward.  Cut the fabric with some extra on the edge to pull over and staple.  Once it was all stapled, I hot glued a piece of that sheet that I had hemmed up as a liner to cover the particle board.



Here we are… getting close to the end!!  I purchased a piano hinge to attach the top.  I was concerned that it would not handle the job, but had seen lots of other ottomans using this simple hinge.  I also purchased a soft close hinge to keep this lid from slamming down on anyone’s fingers.  Specifically a 17 month old that would find it endlessly fascinating to hide stuff in there.




And here you go… here is the inside all put together and ready to go!  um, well, almost, the soft close hinge I bought was a right side hinge.  Because of the side supports I will need a hinge that can be attached either farther out, or closer to the center of the lid.




And, for a good before and after…here you go!!


Ottoman b&a

10 thoughts on “DIY Storage Ottoman reveal

  1. This is simply fabulous. I would never think to make a storage ottoman out of a non storage ottoman. And the lining? Beautiful. I started dabbling into sewing recently and it is not easy!! So I applaud your finished product!

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