A little something I whipped up…

I guess I really was kind of busy this weekend… I thought I hadn’t done all that much, then I started putting a post together and decided that I had accomplished quite a bit. So, I should share, right? First, I had some bananas that were getting on the edge of “ick”, so you know what that means? Bread! Or muffins in this case. My sister-in-law was over for the weekend (watching my young’un for us a couple of days the week before and after the weekend, THANKS!!) and I figured what better time to test out some ideas I had. She doesn’t mind being a guinea pig, really…. lol

I was looking for a recipe and she mentioned one she had used from Pinterest, so that’s what I used… I like a road tested recipe. Here is the pin for you to check out… definitely worth trying. I made some adjustments (of course) and added cinnamon, vanilla, and I only used 1/4 cup of sugar. My sis-in-law made those suggestions since she had made them before, although she used nutmeg as well. I am not a nutmeg fan, but if you are… then why not. So what was the part that I was testing? I wanted to have these cream filled. YUM! I had another pin for a carrot cake muffin filled with icing. So I jumped over there to see how she did it. Super simple stuff. I creamed together powdered sugar and cream cheese, I taste tested the amount of powder sugar. Next step, put a little of the batter in a buttered muffin pan, put a dollop of the cream in the center, then another spoon full of the batter on top. I really hadn’t planned on blogging about these, so I don’t have any in process pics (sorry!). You can jump over to these two blogs though and get some great pics. And how did they turn out??? O…M…G… wow, these things were amazing!!! I will be trying these out with other batters for sure! I will have to make some for the kids this coming weekend as well. Are you drooling yet? Well, here…





I would definitely use more filling next time, ans even less sugar.  They were still really sweet, I would almost go with a tablespoon of sugar. 


Oh and I would be really selfish if I didn’t share this recipe that my sister-in-law made for us Thursday night…Spinach lasagna rolls. We added a little bit of ground turkey to them.  Another success!!



You can find the recipe for this here, that is also where the image is found.


The other thing that I whipped up was a little easier…and less scrumptious, but really cute! I was playing around with publisher and made this little picture up.


Love found here 

Cute, no? I hope I didn’t infringe on any copyrights with it, cause this was all out of my imagination that I can tell. I thought it was pertinent to the coming holiday. And I will be hanging it on a gallery wall.  Which may be continuing down the hallway in the near future… 



So what have you been up to lately?  Any new recipes? Any new art?


Tell me what you think! It totally makes my day to hear from you...

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