I would write more, but I really mustache….

Have you seen them? I know you have…you have to have seen them. You know, the mustaches everywhere! They are the coolest accessory these days. What would 2012 be without staches?? I need to jump on that bandwagon before the wheels fall off. I ended up getting some real cute staches for your nails off of Groopdealz last month…can’t wait for summer to use them! But enough about shopping, I thought I would try my hand at making a mustache glass. The point is that when you lift the cup to drink from it, it appears you have a funky little mustache. At first, I was going to etch them on. I had seen some good posts on etching and this would be a good way for me to get in on all of that fun. Then I started to price etching cream. WOW! That stuff is expensive…$23 bucks for 22oz. That’s about a buck an ounce. That means I would have zero room for error with this stuff. And then I went on to read that it actually changes the composition of the glass, so once this stuff is on – it’s on for the long haul. That last part made me pretty nervous. Luckily, while searching for spray paint for another project, I came across some frosting spray. It was $5.98 a can…and let me tell you, I can stretch a can of spray paint.

I put my supplies together:

drinking glass of choice
one can of frosting spray
several mustache templates that I found free over herean exacto knife
some removable contact paper (found at Wal-mart for less than 5 bucks a roll)

I cut out one of the mustaches and then traced it onto the contact paper. I used the exacto knife to carefully cut out the mustache, leaving a stencil of sorts. I slowly placed this on the glass, being careful to align the mustache where I wanted it as well as keeping it level. I took another piece of contact paper to cover the rest of the glass. I flipped the glass over on some newspaper and spray away. Actually it is important to pay attention to how you spray….use a well ventilated area, keep the can at least 8-10 inches from the object you are spraying and work the can back and forth pausing spraying once past the item.. does that make sense?

And voila! You have a cute little stache!

Here is the second template I used. This is the mustache cut out of the contact paper.

And here are both complete. I was actually pretty happy with how they turned out. The only problem? When you went to drink out of them the stache was in between your eyes… kinda like a funky uni-brow, not a handle-bar mustache. Oops! And they were a little on the small side.

I attempted to correct the problem by at least making it bigger. I just printed out a template larger and tried to line it up over the original one.
Fail! I had the worst time with the paint coming off with the contact paper, and you could sorta see the original stache. Bummer.

So, I scraped it all off and started over. It came off really easy, and that actually concerned me because if these glasses were going to get any use, I wouldn’t want them to show wear and tear to quickly. I figured after this try, if they still scraped off easy after a coat of clear acrylic, then it would be a job for etching cream.

Here they are… all ready for a coat of frosting spray.

And after they were sprayed. I actually discovered something interesting…you cannot spray a clear acrylic over this frosting spray. It cancels out the frost or something and just makes it clear. Odd.

And here they are all done! Look good?…uummm…

Maybe you should look closer…. agh! Fingerprints!!! Sigh, oh well… I guess that even though I was being careful not to handle them too much, without gloves it was unavoidable.

This is a project I would chalk up to learning experience. I need to keep an eye out for coupons and get a jar of etching cream and quit being a chicken and so dang cheap. Oh well, I can at least scrape all of it off and start over again. You win some…you start over on some… I can’t say lose, cause I can still recoup this one a bit. I still love the idea, and although I would rather share all of my “wins” I figure, let’s keep it real..I don’t get them all right.

Anyone else have any project fails to share? Oh, come on…I can’t be the only one! Maybe a fun mustache story to tell??


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