I wanna see your peacock…curtains that is!

Yes, that Katy Perry song did play through my head as I made these… and my husband thought it was funny to play it, you know, just to get it out of my head. Nope, stuck. Luckily, I was stuck on the design of my fabric so I was ok with it. I made a pit stop at Wal-mart last week. Not my favorite store by any stretch, but I had seen they had some fabric at ridiculous low prices. I have been envisioning some white based curtains with pops of color for the living room for some time now. I had considered doing a canvas drop cloth curtain, maybe stenciled or painted with chevrons. I kept hesitating, not really 100% sure of what I wanted to do. Well, maybe it was fate cause I found my curtains last week!

I am so impatient when doing projects, that is definitely something that I am trying to improve on. If you take a look at the pic below…it’s not done. The curtain wire is not taught enough, you can see where I have moved the bases to them, but have not puttied and painted the spots. Oh, and that panel on the right? Umm, it’s not done. It actually has pins in it. In all fairness though, I ran out of thread. And I am considering painting the main rooms of the house, so I am not sure I am going to bother touching up those spots. So really, the only part that I should have done was tighten up that cable. This is where I should hear a collective “Well, get to it!”. I will, this weekend. But enough about all that jazz…what about those curtains????

Nice? A little too loud?? My husband suggested a disco ball when he saw the material. lol They are pretty out there, but I love ’em! I know they aren’t a choice everyone would make, but they suit me and I love to look at them. So here is what I did….

I bought 6 yards (I have NO clue how I came up with that – cause I need much, much more) The material is 48″ wide. I measured the curtains I already had hanging since I liked the length on them. 90″, so some quick match and that is 2.5 yards. (90″/36″ = 2.5 yds) So obviously my 6 yards was off..I don’t even have enough for 2 windows! Did I mention I paid 3.97 a yard for this stuff??? I will totally be going back for more.

But I digress, I cut my 2.5 yards, pressed it and then considered using hemming tape to get these done. Yes, that would be very easy. Almost too easy. BUT…I have a brand new sewing machine that I have to learn to use! So I hemmed the edges the old-fashioned way. I folded the material over approximately .25 of an inch. I pinned it down as I went and even ironed it so it would lay nice and flat.

Then I simply ran a straight stitch along the edges. Did I mention I don’t really know how to sew? Well, here are some good examples of things I did wrong/didn’t think of. I should have cut the material at 91 inches. Why? That seam allowance!

You can see in the pic that the patterned material is a little shorter. All-in-all not a big deal, but a little irritating for me. Oh and when I was sewing, this is what the back of my stitches looked like on that last panel…

From the research I have done, the thread tension was off. I will be taking that line out and re-sewing it. But I had to get them up!! I wanted to see if I was totally off with this fabric choice, or if I had really found what I was looking for.

I had those semi-sheer brown curtains up there before, and I actually cut those in half so I could layer up the curtains. I am kind of thinking the patterned material is too narrow, that maybe I should not have cut it in half. I may hang the piece I have left to see…but I wanted to live with them for a while before I moved forward. So what do you think??

I ended up making this little pin cushion while I was working on the panels. It was soooo easy to make and what a great help it has been!

Anyone else been window dressing? Window shopping? Or maybe you have your own version of peacock that appeals to you!


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