Chirp Chirp….oh wait, that’s not the right sound…

I am not sure if you are aware of my affection for birds. Not as a bird watcher, or even the living sort, but the colors and ceramic types. I have an owl coffee mug, a couple of super cute yellow birds I found at Michael’s dirt cheap. And now, I think I have a peacock addiction. This will be an addiction that I need to control. Because let’s face it…too much peacock in a house is for the birds. *cue corny punch-line music…

Ok onto a more serious note, as serious as you can be when talking about peacocks that is. I really feel that its going to catch on this year (heck, it might have been from last year and I missed the memo?). The colors, the design, just the feel of some plumage. I have my own in the works, but before I dish on that, let me share some inspiring peacock prettiness.

Here is a cute fabric… obviously peacock

Image found here

Not quite so obvious, but very nice color arrangement!

Image found here

What a beautiful table setting!

Image found here

Love this painting…

Image found here

And you know you can’t go wrong with a great peacock pillow tutorial!

Image found here

And last, but certainly not least, the real deal feathers… aren’t they lovely?

So does anyone else have a new color palette of some sort that is keeping their attention these days? Maybe going a little bird crazy?? Surely it’s not just me!


3 thoughts on “Chirp Chirp….oh wait, that’s not the right sound…

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  2. I love the peacock pillow! I would never have thought to use peacock feathers as an inspiration for anything but art. Your curtains turned out to be just that-ART! PS. I know exactly what you mean by hurrying through projects. I like to think it is because our brains move faster than our time or hand permit.

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