Happy New Year!

Well, this is it…it will be a new year in just a few hours. Are you prepared to start another year? I believe I am. It’s going to be a big year. Do I have resolutions? A few. I can name 5 that I need to put in writing.

1. Organize my home
2. Take on a DIY project that has big results
3. Finish a room in my house
4. Get back in shape
5. Learn to use the sewing machine I got for Christmas

That’s my shortlist…honestly, the other things I need to do didn’t need to wait until New Year to be on a list. Why not use today as a jumping off point though for the rest of the year? I think I will begin this morning with a cup of coffee, and contemplate what I will begin today.

Is everyone else ready for today? It’s a new year, wipe your slate clean…what will you do to make 2012 a year to remember?


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. One goal this year: get back in shape! It was just a few years ago I did the California AIDS Ride (545 miles on a bike). I don’t think I could ride 10 miles today! 2012 is the year! Good luck to you.

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