Decorate it on a budget – Christmas style!

You remember how at Thanksgiving my sister-in-law and I decorated the table on a budget, and even stayed well below our budget? Well, you know we had to try again for Christmas! We had lots of ideas. I outlined a few of them in this post. It always seems we have a dozen ideas floating around, and when we actually get together, only a few of them have come to fruition. Mal and I scoured stores for the items we needed to make this table scape as beautiful as we imagined it could be. I even made little sketches to send to her:


I even took the time to put this together:

See? We had dreams! We were going to take this table places! People would walk into that room and just be awed by the elegance and uniqueness in it all.

We obviously forgot that we both worked full-time, and that it was Christmas time, so shopping was going to be almost like a football game. Elbows everywhere!! Oh, and we still had to shop for gifts, not just table decorations. And did I mention we wanted to MAKE a bunch of the decorations? We had some lofty goals. We didn’t quite match the computer mock-up, but I think we did fine job with it. How do you think we did??

Then we added the place markers….

We ended up making the mason jars with tea lights and “snow” as well as the wine bottles covered in more “snow” We found both of these over on Pinterest. Here and here.

Here is what we used for the bottles. They were so easy. I had no good white spray paint, so I subbed in silver instead. I think the white was perfect, but the silver look pretty great as well. I sprayed each bottle with spray paint after removing any labels on the neck of the bottle. I did not remove the labels on most of the bottles and you can’t really see that they are there once the bottles are complete. Next, we used some spray adhesive to lightly spray each bottle where we wanted the snow to be. I dumped some kosher salt (it’s what I already had on hand) onto a piece of aluminum foil and rolled the bottles in the salt as soon as I sprayed them with glue. We needed a little something to put in the bottles – and since the decorations from the store would have added quite a chunk to our balance spent on this setup, we opted for some good ole DIY. Mal had an old broom that was waiting for the fire pit and those little bristles would be a perfect addition to our table – spray painted silver of course.

And we can’t forget the dessert table…

And how did we do on our budget? Well here is the breakdown:

1. table cloths – free! (we reused old ones)
2. Ribbon – $6.26 4 rolls on 50% clearance at Michael’s
3. Chargers – owned 4, picked up 10 more at Wal-Mart for .98 each so that makes $10.29
4. White plates – free!
6. Faux napkins – $3.99 one yard of material on sale at Joann Fabric
7. Pine cones – free!
8. Christmas bulbs – free!
9. Name tags – free!
10. Wine bottles – free! (I have had these guys hanging around the house for years! Almost tossed them about a month ago, so glad I didn’t!)
11. Spray adhesive – free!
12. Kosher salt – free!
13. Silver spray paint – free!
14. Twigs in bottles – free!
15. Mason jars – free!
16. Epsom salt – I think Mal had this, but it’s so cheap – like less than $5
17. Tea lights – free!
18. Little pine tree – free! I borrowed it from the office (a vendor had gifted it)
Grand total: $20.54!!!!!

Ok, that’s a lot of exclamation points, but that is pretty awesome for a table scape! šŸ™‚ And we are quite pleased with the results ourselves.

Most of the items we used we had on hand already. We purchased some of it for the Thanksgiving table. We both love Christmas and I’m surprised we didn’t have more to add to the table. But really, we opted towards simple, but elegant. The biggest disappointment for us was on the centerpieces. We really wanted mirrors to set them on so that light would reflect off of them….alas, no mirrors. We both searched and couldn’t come up with anything. We will definitely be looking for next year! And I think real table cloths might be in order – call us cheap, we figured the ones from Thanksgiving looked exactly how they had when we put them on the tables, so why not reuse them.

And there is this lovely shot… my favorite!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of family and sharing. I know we did. Anyone else put together a table scape they are proud of? Or maybe you tried out a new recipe for that table?


3 thoughts on “Decorate it on a budget – Christmas style!

  1. How fun is this! I never though about using Kosher salt, I did have the epsom salt pinned but I didn’t find a good deal when I went to purchase it so that was out. Did you see where you can put the salt on first (so spray adhesive and roll it), then paint the bottle? That looks fun too! Great tips!

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