Decorate it on a budget – Christmas style!

You remember how at Thanksgiving my sister-in-law and I decorated the table on a budget, and even stayed well below our budget? Well, you know we had to try again for Christmas! We had lots of ideas. I outlined a few of them in this post. It always seems we have a dozen ideas floating around, and when we actually get together, only a few of them have come to fruition. Mal and I scoured stores for the items we needed to make this table scape as beautiful as we imagined it could be. I even made little sketches to send to her:


I even took the time to put this together:

See? We had dreams! We were going to take this table places! People would walk into that room and just be awed by the elegance and uniqueness in it all.

We obviously forgot that we both worked full-time, and that it was Christmas time, so shopping was going to be almost like a football game. Elbows everywhere!! Oh, and we still had to shop for gifts, not just table decorations. And did I mention we wanted to MAKE a bunch of the decorations? We had some lofty goals. We didn’t quite match the computer mock-up, but I think we did fine job with it. How do you think we did??

Then we added the place markers….

We ended up making the mason jars with tea lights and “snow” as well as the wine bottles covered in more “snow” We found both of these over on Pinterest. Here and here.

Here is what we used for the bottles. They were so easy. I had no good white spray paint, so I subbed in silver instead. I think the white was perfect, but the silver look pretty great as well. I sprayed each bottle with spray paint after removing any labels on the neck of the bottle. I did not remove the labels on most of the bottles and you can’t really see that they are there once the bottles are complete. Next, we used some spray adhesive to lightly spray each bottle where we wanted the snow to be. I dumped some kosher salt (it’s what I already had on hand) onto a piece of aluminum foil and rolled the bottles in the salt as soon as I sprayed them with glue. We needed a little something to put in the bottles – and since the decorations from the store would have added quite a chunk to our balance spent on this setup, we opted for some good ole DIY. Mal had an old broom that was waiting for the fire pit and those little bristles would be a perfect addition to our table – spray painted silver of course.

And we can’t forget the dessert table…

And how did we do on our budget? Well here is the breakdown:

1. table cloths – free! (we reused old ones)
2. Ribbon – $6.26 4 rolls on 50% clearance at Michael’s
3. Chargers – owned 4, picked up 10 more at Wal-Mart for .98 each so that makes $10.29
4. White plates – free!
6. Faux napkins – $3.99 one yard of material on sale at Joann Fabric
7. Pine cones – free!
8. Christmas bulbs – free!
9. Name tags – free!
10. Wine bottles – free! (I have had these guys hanging around the house for years! Almost tossed them about a month ago, so glad I didn’t!)
11. Spray adhesive – free!
12. Kosher salt – free!
13. Silver spray paint – free!
14. Twigs in bottles – free!
15. Mason jars – free!
16. Epsom salt – I think Mal had this, but it’s so cheap – like less than $5
17. Tea lights – free!
18. Little pine tree – free! I borrowed it from the office (a vendor had gifted it)
Grand total: $20.54!!!!!

Ok, that’s a lot of exclamation points, but that is pretty awesome for a table scape! 🙂 And we are quite pleased with the results ourselves.

Most of the items we used we had on hand already. We purchased some of it for the Thanksgiving table. We both love Christmas and I’m surprised we didn’t have more to add to the table. But really, we opted towards simple, but elegant. The biggest disappointment for us was on the centerpieces. We really wanted mirrors to set them on so that light would reflect off of them….alas, no mirrors. We both searched and couldn’t come up with anything. We will definitely be looking for next year! And I think real table cloths might be in order – call us cheap, we figured the ones from Thanksgiving looked exactly how they had when we put them on the tables, so why not reuse them.

And there is this lovely shot… my favorite!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of family and sharing. I know we did. Anyone else put together a table scape they are proud of? Or maybe you tried out a new recipe for that table?

Vanity – not always a bad trait

There is this little vanity in my bathroom that I have been using for a few years…. it was a road-side find for my mom that she so graciously gave to me. It is a pretty sturdy piece of furniture for being pressed wood. My bonus daughter has been using it a lot lately, and with Christmas approaching, I decided that with a little make-over, this little vanity would fit quite well in her room. I originally was going to turn it black and zebra striped, but really, white is such a nice color for a piece like this. And I also felt it needed a more girly touch to it as well. Sadly, I realized after I had taken it apart that I had no before shots of it assembled. So I pieced together the pics of the disassembled piece for you to use your imagination to decide how she looked all put together.

I enlisted my dad’s help on this project since frankly, this is the first one I have done like this. I really didn’t want to make a bunch of rookie mistakes on a tight schedule. Did I mention I started this the weekend before Christmas?? lol, yea, that wasn’t the best of plans, but that’s what I had to work with! And thank goodness I had my dad to help out since he noticed there was a little spot on the mirror where the wood had separated and he got it glued and fixed right up for me. He used some Elmer’s all purpose glue on it, then put popsicle sticks to get even pressure across the area glued. We glued it and let it sit overnight before I sanded, primed and painted the mirror.

Next, we sanded down all of the pieces. We just scuffed it up enough to wear down that high gloss so that the paint would adhere well. My dad has a nice assortment of power tools, so we used his DeWalt hand sander on it…I can’t imagine doing a lot of sanding without one of those!

We wiped it all down with a damp rag to get the dust off, and then it was time to prime it. Here is where I ran into my first snafu. I purchased Valspar spray paint. I use Valspar in my home, and I really like the coverage it has, but I have never bought the spray paint. BIG mistake. The way the lid was shaped caused the spray radius to be obstructed, which caused dripping as well as some splatter. Not good for the nice smooth finish I was looking for. And then on top of that, it seemed to have very poor coverage. Now, I will admit, being a first timer on this type of project, it could be that I was expecting more out of that little can of paint than it was capable. But either way, it wasn’t working out well and taking a ton of time. Here is the progression:

1. First coat of primer
2. Second coat of primer
3. First coat of white
4. Second coat of white

You can see that after the second coat of white it appeared to be covering well. This picture makes it look awesome, and had those been the actual results, I would have kept up with what we were doing. But sadly, the picture looks far better than how the piece was coming along.

So… we broke out the paint brush and roller and used good old bucket paint. My parents had some Behr white paint+primer on hand and we whipped that out and smeared on a coat of paint. It ended up needing 2 coats of paint to do it justice. I did one coat on Saturday, then came back on Monday to do a follow-up coat on it.

I also sanded, primed, and put the first coat on the mirror. I taped the mirror off with newspaper and tape to try to keep those edges clean and paint off of the mirror. Oh, and that hand in this pic is Garrett, my bonus son, he helped out with the end of this project. 🙂

The next step was to make the top “girly” and make sure it could stand up to a 12-year-old abusing it a bit. I pictured a white top being smeared with make-up and nail polish and just looking dirty after a month or 2. So I opted to decopauge some scrapbook paper onto the top for a camouflage effect. I ended up using 3 pieces, cut into sections to fit the top. I wasn’t really happy with how this turned out since the paper wanted to wrinkle up as it got wet from the mod podge, and you can feel the seams in the paper. I will come up with something to remedy the top eventually, but it did the job for the time being. I highly doubt that Hannah will care. But of course, I do, so a remedy must be found!

You can see the wrinkles well in this pic. Those little pieces go between the mirror and the picture frames on the top of the vanity.

While all of that was drying/curing I got started on the seat for the vanity. When my mom picked this lady up from the side of the road, there was no seat, but I had a hand me down stool that I had been using with it. It originally had black legs that we spray painted white, oh and I sprayed those little pieces on the top of it as well. SO here is a sorta before of the stool.

I had a roll of this batting in the closet from where I made some decorations for Ashton before he was born. I figured that this would work for a little padding and save a buck at the same time.

I folded it up as many times as I could while being big enough to cover the stool. Then I flipped the stool upside down and traced the edges right onto the batting.

I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut it out. It’s not real pretty but you won’t see it anyway.

I had purchased half a yard of this zebra print fabric for the seat. I cut that in half and it was just enough to cover the entire surface.

I flipped it all over and got started stapling the material around the stool. I folded pieces over and pulled it snug as I went so there would be no loose edges.

This was super simple to staple down.

And there you go! One seat done!

Here is the drawer front completed as well… I sprayed the hardware silver before putting it back on.

And here you see it with some “accessories” that Santa brought (decked out with brushes from Jeff and I). Miss Hannah loves funky stuff, so that little “vase” is actually a hand making a peace sign.

And where the frames go I put some of the leftover scrapbook paper from the top of the vanity and then filled in with a little saying that I had on my computer from ages ago. I used some paint chip samples in hot pink to fill the edges. I did the same with the other side except I used a pic of her and Ashton. Sorry for the terrible glare, you can see better in the next pic.

And here she is!! All put together and ready to use!

I am not happy with how that mirror turned out either, but that is an easy fix, some paint bled onto the mirror, so I need to scrape it off. Then touch up around the edges a bit. I also want Hannah to help pick out what to put in those other frames. Possibly string some wire across them and hang earings? Or maybe put some magnets in there and use that as a place to put notes? It’s all up in the air right now, Hannah gets to decide!

And here is the best I could do for a before and after….it’s not perfect but you can get a good idea of how it started and where it is today!

P.S. She loves it! 🙂 I really hoped that she would. I hope that in the coming years it becomes here go to spot for hair/makeup/and general primping. Lots of changes going on in her room these days so stay tuned for some of the before and afters of those once we get them complete!

A Very Merry Christmas to you!

I hope that you all are spending time with your families and loved ones this fine Christmas day. Take time to enjoy the things that really matter in all the hustle and bustle of the season. And be sure to partake in all the holidays have to offer, like chocolate for breakfast… at least that’s what we do in our house! 😉

Oreos all dolled up for Christmas

A few years ago, we were introduced to a special treat. Oreos balls. You know peanut butter balls? Of course you do, everyone eats peanut butter balls! Well, these are so much better (at least to me). All you need is a package of Oreos, a block of cream cheese, and something to dip them in. Seriously, it’s that easy. Now what to do with that itty bitty list?

Oreos and cream cheese… I used a couple of different dipping chocolates – the little chips you use to make candy as well as some of that block stuff.

Put the Oreos in a chopper of some sort and grind them up.

I grind them up until they are really fine, but I suppose you could make them chunkier as well if that was more to your liking.

Once I ground up the whole pack this is what I had… doesn’t seem like much huh?

Drop that block of cream cheese in there (let it soften at room temp for a while or it will be hard to combine)

Mix this up with a fork until you have all of the cheese combined. It would probably have been easier to use a deeper bowl cause those little Oreo crumbs are sneaky and kept trying to escape.

I didn’t get a pic of the next step (probably because I would have had to lick my fingers to get them clean before grabbing the camera – and we all know that would have been a show stopper on finishing the batch) But you roll little bunches up into balls – you pick the size! They are fairly rich, so I have found that smaller bites work out better. I stick them in fridge to cool while I am melting the chocolate. If they are pretty cold when you dip them, you get less Oreo residue in your chocolate.

Then I started melting the chocolate. I used white chocolate. I have never used anything but white chocolate myself, I was always afraid that it was too much chocolate to use milk chocolate, but I think dark chocolate would be good. I have to admit that I swiped some of the chocolates that Hannah made with my mom to melt down (with her permission of course!) The kids never seem to eat all of the candy they get and I saw no reason to let it go to waste! Oh and you might notice my “double boiler” is a little, um, not a double boiler…but it works. lol

So once the chocolate was all creamy, I removed the pan from the heat and started dipping the Oreo balls. Once dipped place them on some wax paper to cool.

And there they blow… or sit…or umm, await close examination by my taste buds. You call it.

And we had helpers that day… here is one of them “sampling” the peanut butter Oreos that my husband was using to make these.

Christmas time is coming!

Sunday is fast approaching, and besides waking up early to see what Santa and his elves have been up to, Christmas dinner tables capes await! Yea, I think I am far too excited about decorating a table. I don’t think I am alone in that feeling though 😉 There is something about Christmas and decorating that brings on the cheer for me. And to be honest, I don’t know that I have ever sat down at a table decorated for the holidays (other than our Turkey day table) in a personal setting. Meaning, not at a work event. So to put a table together for this Christmas is exciting stuff. I thought I would share some of the inspiration that I have been coming across for the table this year. Oh, and we are keeping it on a budget again… although this one is a bit higher. $50 for it all! We are re-using and re-purposing as much as possible. We even came up with a way to avoid buying place mats! Woot! So here are some beautiful settings to hopefully inspire you to keep it festive at your Christmas dinner this year!

Image found here

Image found here

Image found here

Image found here

Image found here

And you know that this wouldn’t be complete without additions from a couple of my fav blog-stops….

younghouselove never fails to please…check out there tablescapes:

I should also mention that John and Sherry added a new gallery to their blog.. a Holiday section filled with amazing holiday ideas. Be sure to go check that out here!

All found here

And Bower Power:

Image found here

DIY Glitter pumps

Bring on the holiday cheer!! My company had it’s annual Christmas party this past Saturday and I decided that rather than buying a new outfit, I would wear my little black dress and accessorize it! I am all about some bling, I love me some glitter. I wanted something glittery…kinda like these:
glitter pumps

Image found here

So… enter Plato’s closet, a trendy consignment store. I found a pair of black pumps for 8 bucks. Not too big of a heel so my feet wouldn’t start hurting halfway through the night.

Here are all the items I needed to get this job done…. mod podge, glitter, a paint brush and a nail file. And a table full of other crafting gear and Christmas decorations…my table looked a little busy for a while…

I had read on-line (I really don’t remeber where!) to scuff them up a bit, and that a nail file would do the trick. So I just rubbed the file across the shoes as best I could to rough up the slick texture a bit so that the glue would adhere better.

I poured some glitter into a cup first…

Then added some mod podge to it…it just seemed like too much mod podge and not enough glitter.

So I added more glitter… looks gray huh?

I started stroking on the glitter thinly at first…but it didn’t seem to cover well.

So I kept adding more.

Then I just sprinkled glitter on them.. that did the trick.

Here are some in process pics…

I kept up the same process- brush on glitter mod podge – sprinkle on glitter – until I had covered both shoes completely.

Here they were after I was done. There is good coverage, but you can see spots poking through here and there. So I waited a night or 2 and just touched up the spots with the mod podge and sprinkled on glitter. It suprisingly took very little glitter for this project. I would say maybe 1/2 an inch is gone from that glitter bottle. And there is a ton of glitter throughout the house. Oops!
Oh, and the tag for 17.99 wasn’t the one I paid from..apparently that’s how much they were new, still cheap, but not what I would have been willing to pay!

Here you go…complete shoes! All glittery and blingy. I don’t have a full pic with my outfit and all – sorry, in a hurry and a 15 month old trying to climb my leg. I did end up taking an old pair of silver earrings that had a trangle on the front of them and brushing on mod podge and a little glitter to go with this outfit as well.

I will say the shoes didn’t hold up 100% through the evening. If I bumped them, lots of glitter fell off and it would leave little bare spots. I am thinking that touching them up, then giving the whole shoe a coat of mod podge should should help… I will post back after I do this and get some miles on them.

Anyone else blinging it up for Christmas dinners? Is your house full of glitter now that Christmas is around the corner?

Cool Christmas gifts – modernish and fun!

I have been culling the web for Christmas ideas for the family as well as ideas for the hubs on what to get me. I forget about one of the coolest little on-line shops sometimes and found it again last night. So I thought I would introduce you to some of the interesting items they offer. I don’t see how you can resist clicking over and checking out what else they have to offer. Oh, and one of my very favorite catalogs (CB2) that I receive in the mail has some pretty nifty items as well. Check it out!

All of the above images are found over at ModCloth

All of the above images are found at CB2

Anyone else been looking on-line for Christmas ideas? Trying to figure out stocking stuffers? Maybe your family has a tradition for stockings that everyone is looking forward to this year?

Picture frame gallery

I think I am making progress on our picture gallery…. I’m sure it will change on occasion though and pieces will be added or taken away. I already have ideas about new things and moving frames since I took these pictures. But that’s the beauty of a wall like this, right? It should reflect you and your family…not necessarily a snapshot to a specific time, but a rolling ledger of who we are. Oh the accountant in me coming out… it should be an income statement, not a balance sheet (if you know accounting this will totally make, if not, then I apologize for the geek reference).

SO here is where it began. My red wall-that is actually the 2nd shade of red I put on it. The first was very maroon, and I still think this red isn’t the bright red I was going for. I found the wall to be too dark, and it just set a dark mood in the room for me. I felt like it needed to be bright and cheery. Something that made people want to smile when they saw it.

Here is another angle…oh, and for any of your True Blood junkies out there..that is a bottle of True Blood on the counter by the red wall. How cool is that??? Jeff saw that at a customer’s location and they let him take it home. Anyone vamps out there need a fix, we have it. 😉

I have really been into green and yellows lately. And you just can’t go wrong with green. It’s not feminine or masculine to me, so it encompasses both genders in our home. I primed and painted the wall. It took one coat of primer, and two coats of paint. I actually mixed the color myself from some green I had for Garrett’s room and white I had in the closet. I added a touch of yellow to get that shade. It isn’t glossy but a flat paint. I miss the glossy finish already since this is a high traffic area and we have a boxer that drools constantly. (picture drool and a head shake… ugh, but we love her so we just have to manage the drool) I am not 100% on the color, but it worked in a pinch for free. I figure it is such a small wall that if I ever decide to change it I probably won’t have to prime and it will only take a quart of paint. I still need to repaint the trim on this wall as well.

As for the picture arrangement, I threw those up there to get an idea of what I was going to do. I was going to mix frame colors, and even types of frames (there are two clear acrylic frames). I just couldn’t get everything up there the way I wanted it (I had 3 or 4 more frames I was going to use). So I scrapped that altogether and started from scratch.

The fact that I was working with a small wall as well as 2 light switches and a thermostat made this a little tricky to set up. I ended up asking Hannah to help me decide which piece to use as a center piece, then worked my way out from there. This is where I ended up. Like I said, I already have changes in mind.

The pink clock at the top was bought from the dollar store for $1.50, can you believe that? Since removing that large clock, we all had been missing having a clock there to glance at. I had originally planned on painting it, but once I got it up there I decided that it was in line with my push for brighter, cheery colors. The frame next to it has the phrase :”Be kind and be truthful and your life will be fruitful” I put together several frames with motivational and wise sayings. Next to that frame is a little silver and red medallion that says Love that I found at Micheal’s for .50. Below that is a frame that I put together that says “Be so happy that when people look at you, they become happy too” Love that saying! I used a piece of orange scrapbook paper for a matte, and being that my husband is an avid tea drinker, I thought the picture was appropriate for our family. To the left of that is the hand print canvas that I made for the Pinterest challenge (which is also the centerpiece that Hannah chose for this wall).

Here is a chevron print I whipped up in publisher that says “Your imagination is your preview of life’s coming attractions” by Albert Einstein. You can’t read the print very well, so I need to tweak that one a bit.

That orange print there on the bottom right is another quote I put together in Publisher. It says “A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read” ~Mark Twain Next to that is a little paint chip art I attempted…. that is a definite redo. I tried to do a stamp under the paint chips and it just didn’t work out how I planned. So back to the drawing board with that one.

Here you can see a postcard that I framed from a trip to NYC that Jeff and I took to visit one of my dear friends for New Year’s eve one year. We went to this neat little Thai restaurant to eat. The food was great and the place was ultra cool. This is also a better angle on that paint chip “fail”.

At the very bottom I put one of the labels that we used for wine bottles at our wedding on a piece of chipboard.

And there you have it… the almost complete wall!! I have several other frames to add, I think it needs a more irregular shape like the first attempt I made. Heck, I might just fill the whole wall with frames! Well, all but the bottom portion cause we all know that a toddler passing by will have a hard time keeping his hands off. 😉

Anyone else do any picture hanging recently? Or maybe mix up your own paint? Been to any good Thai restaurants lately??? Please share!

DIY Advent Calendar

It is officially December, and I can decorate and play Christmas music, and drink lots of cocoa… without feeling like I am cheating on Thanksgiving. Let’s face it, holidays are being pushed hard out in the stores, and we are already seeing the next one long before the upcoming one is even here. I do fully enjoy Christmas though. It is my very fav holiday. So in the spirit of Christmas, I decided advent calendars were in order. My husband and mother both had the idea of using the calendar to plan great activities with the kids. Of course, candy has to be involved somewhere in there, and candy there will be!

I got started by searching the web for ideas. I saw lots of really neat ideas. And several were “pinned” for use in future years. As far as this year is concerned, I didn’t want to have to purchase anything. I have plenty of tools available to make a neat advent calendar without purchasing materials for it. So I jumped onto Publisher and searched clip art for Christmas themed pictures.

I did put most of this together pre-December 1st… I just procrastinate like crazy so the kids got to do 3 days in one day.. lol lucky them!

Here are the materials that I used:

paper and printer
hole punch

I came across these neat little trees, and there were a bunch of different colors and designs.

I sized them to what I felt would be big enough, added a number in white to each as well as a rectangle around it so that I would have a line to follow when cutting these out. Here is a pic with scissors so you can get an idea how big they are.

Hannah and I sat down and cut them all Saturday afternoon. I originally was going to make 3 of them, one for each child. But after cutting about 3/4 of them, I decided that it was just too much to do all of them, and there was no reason that the kids couldn’t share one. I received a littl grumbling from Hannah on that since she had already cut a bunch out. lol Preteens and their expectations of not doing more than they need to, gosh!

Once they were all cut out, I punched one hole in the top right corner of each one. I suppose I could have cut a whole in each upper corner, or the left corner, but the right corner just felt right. Then I enlisted the help of my mother in law and Hannah again to write the activities on each tree. We flipped over the peices and wrote a little activity on each one.

Here are a few of the activities that we used. I made some up and also searched the web for any good ideas….

1. Enjoy a treat!
2. Make up your own flavor of ice cream!
3. Take a silly Christmas photo!
4. Drive around and look at Christmas lights.
5. Make a Christmas milkshake.
6. Read a Christmas book.
7. Look under your pillow for a special treat!
8. Decorate the Christmas tree!
9. Have a Christmas treasure hunt!
10. Make a Christmas collage from magazine clippings.
11. Watch a Christmas movie.
12. Sing Christmas carols.
13. Watch a slideshow of 2011 pictures.
14. Track Santa online with the Norad Santa Tracker
15. Have a Christmas themed breakfast.
16. Make Christmas cookies!

I had several repeats of the “Enjoy a treat!” to make sure they still were able to get in their chocolate fix for the season 🙂 And for the 25th, when they turn it over it says “Look for your surprise!” I intend to put a picture behind this one and have them find one of their gifts by finding all of the clues in a treasure hunt like deal. And it is so great that this is our year to have the kids on Christmas morning, so it should be quite a day since Ashton is really into the spirit already!

With that complete, I put 6 nails in the wall in 3 rows of 2. I spread each set of nails out about 3 feet or so and spaced out each row 2 feet or so. I used a level to make sure that I was putting them up level. I used tiny little black nails that were in a nail kit I was given a few years ago. I have no clue what they are called, but really, any nail will work depending on how you want it to look. I was going to use thumbtacks but didn’t see any at the hosue that I liked. Next, I cut 3 equal lenghths of string. I tied one end of one peice of string on the top nail, threaded some of the trees onto the the string, then tied it on the other side. I just spread them out how I liked and the let the string have enough slack so that they would “hang” a little.

And here you go! Here is our advent calendar for 2011!

Hope everyone else had a wonderful festive weekend full of Christmas cheer! Did anyone else decorate the house? Or put together an advent calendar? Or did anyone use the weekend to get some shopping done before the big day??

Our style… which is… ???

I was blog hopping today, one of my favorite things to do. I realized that although I am trying to put my home together, I have no concrete inspiration. What do I really want my house to look like? What would my dream home look like? Are there certain aspects of a home that make it stand out to me?? I have seen lots of homes that I like. But I don’t know that I have really pinned down a style for myself and my family. So on with my evolution!!! I need inspiration. I culled the web for the ones that I loved. I keep coming back to the living room/family room since it seems to be a communal place in our home. That and the kitchen. And of course, a couple of the bedroom. Here are a few:

I really like the modern feel here. And despite the grays, it has a warm feeling… or maybe it’s the fireplace…??

Orchard Family Room B contemporary family room

I love the texture this room has. And the windows…but unless Jeff is going to let me knock out walls, we will just have to live with the 4 windows we have in the space 🙂

Orinda Family Fun Room modern family room

This room looks like “us”. It is comfortable, uncluttered, and do you see all that white??? But it’s not like white that the kids and dogs would destroy… well, except for those nice rugs..those will have to be replaced by something that can actually get dirty and still look good. And I can see that ottoman there in front of the sofa with storage in it for blankets and such. Oh and picture the wall with the TV with lots of wood…like rustic old pallet wood. OH yea… it’s gonna happen.

Basement Family Room modern family room

Then there is this little gem… what do you think of that rug? Kinda crazy huh? Or maybe that driftwood table… there are several nice touches to this room with accessories. I like it, yes I do.

Modern bookself contemporary family room

Now this room is different… and I’m not just referring to the derrhier over there in the corner… we have kids in the house, a little naked hiney running around isn’t abnormal for us. I love the pops of vibrant yellow set against a darker tone.

Bold dramatic statements eclectic family room

All of the above images were found via Houzz

Now to branch out to the bedroom a little… ok, well maybe just one that I fell in love with. I can’t say much about this bedroom, I think the picture says it all. Can you believe that trunk at the end of the bed is super duper easy to make?? Go check it out at Lowes.


Ok, to sum up what we are looking for…
I really like using white, but lets just be real-deal-honest here…. a lot of white is not happening in my home. 3 kids, 2 dogs and a husband would turn white into something icky real quick.
I love color, lots of vibrant color.
I like the use of something unexpected and clever.
I like a little drama.—as in some decor drama…you can keep the rest of the drama to yourselves

Those are a lot of “I’s” huh? So, that’s me… how about the rest of the family. Hannah wants to be comfortable, she is pretty easy to please. Garrett wants to have a fun place to watch movies and play the occasional video game. Ashton wants to have something he can pull stuff out of and put back. And Jeff? He just wants it to work. It does seem that I am the picky one of the bunch, eh? I think we can get it all. I’m going to think outside of the box on this one. We have a blank canvas in the living room. The only constants will have to be placement of the TV due to only one wall being available for it, and placement of the sectional since it is so large.

I believe that once I get the main areas of the home mapped out, I will have an easier time putting together the rest of the house. I have severe design ADD… like I see something, love it, then 2 minutes later I see something else that I just have to do too….ugh, frustrating. It will eventually all come together, though. I will nail it down, one way or another. And you guys get to see it all metamorphose into something wonderful(I hope!).

Anyone else trying to pull together inspiration? Or maybe you have some hiney art in your house? Trying to incorporate your whole family in your choices? I have to admire someone who has actually been able to pull that off….