‘Tis the season… for lists!

Lists, I love to make lists. I make them at work, at home, on my phone…now my biggest challenge is completing said lists. And of course, with Christmas around the corner, I have to make gift lists. So I decided with all of this list making going on, that maybe I should put together a list of things that need attention around the house. Wish lists for decor, organization and layout, family and health. The items I have been looking at and needing to do, but just can’t get around to it. I figure that if I blog about it, that it will keep me honest on actually completing my lists. Here goes:

Home decor:

1. I need to complete a reclaimed wood wall. I blogged about it here.
2. Refinish this mid-century dresser.
3. Complete the picture gallery wall in the living room.
4. Decide on window treatments for the living room.
5. Redo the kid’s bathroom.
6. Organize and decorate the laundry room.
8. Pin down a style and design for the master bedroom.
9. Organize our master closet.
10. Redecorate Hannah’s bedroom.
11. Redecorate Garrett’s bedroom.


1. Start running again.
2. Make time to strength train.
3. Get Ashton used to working out as well!


1. Create a healthy lunch diet.
2. Create healthy meals that can be fixed on the fly.
3. Watch how much processed foods we are consuming.


1. Complete “before I am XX” lists (like before I am 30, etc.)
2. Have family game nights.
3. Have family movie nights(again).
4. Hike as a family.
5. Cook together.
6. Go Christmas caroling (for the season).
7. Stay in better contact with friends and family.

Well, those are some general lists, and they should always be expanding. I will try to do a monthly update on where I stand on all those items. That is ambitious, but best to push ahead for the most I can get.

Anyone else have lists-a-plenty? Since it’s the season for making lists, and checking them twice, anyone on your list this year that you have a special idea for? Or maybe your a Master List Completor??? Spread that love my way can ya? šŸ˜‰


Tell me what you think! It totally makes my day to hear from you...

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