No “poo” Update

I thought I would take a moment and check in on where this whole natural shampoo adventure is taking me. I posted here on how I was going to start making my own shampoo and conditioner. It has been over a month now, and I have only cheated on my little homemade bottle one time so far. And how does my hair look and feel you ask? Ever heard the term “grease monkey”, well, maybe that isn’t just for mechanics anymore? Ok, that may be a bit extreme, and frankly, a little gross. From my reading, the transition period for your hair to get used to the new shampoo is about a month. My little escapade with some Aveda might have set me back a week or two though. sigh* I guess I must struggle through a little longer.

From my understanding, and it really does make logical sense, people like myself, who have oily hair anyway, just take time to transition. Having always had oily hair, I would shampoo everyday or my hair would just look icky. Then a beautician enlightened me that because I am washing everyday, I am stripping the natural oils from my hair, causing my hair to over-compensate and produce more natural oil than needed. So I have known the logic of this for some time now….my hair has to get used to not having to work so hard. Take a break, hair, you deserve it! This knowledge, however, does not help to cope with any kind of icky feeling that I get with my hair. I will admit that my hair has been much fuller, and I have not had to use hairspray like I used to. I am having visions of growing my hair longer again, without that flat, thin look to it.

So I guess I will need to start looking again for options to add to this shampoo. Maybe lemons? Nothing that I have to make daily, or even weekly for that matter. I need no extra steps added to my routine. I mean, you did read the post on cloth diapers, right? Isn’t that enough added?? 😉 Nah, not really.

Anyone else try some natural products and have suggestions? Spend any time with a grease monkey lately? How about any new routines that are driving you crazy?



2 thoughts on “No “poo” Update

  1. It’s great to read someones post who is going through the whole ‘no poo’ challenge. I started it about a month ago now. My hairs adjustment period actually only took about a week. You do need to tough it through though a bit at first I found. I’m currently using just a lemon and a cucumber blended together, and about half a time I’ll use cider vinegar as a conditioner. For the cider vinegar you want about a tablespoon of it for about a cup of water, then just put into a bottle. My hairs doing great though. I used to shower every second day but I’m now often able to go 3 days before my hair looks greasy enough to require a shower! I’m honestly loving it 🙂

    • So glad to hear another success story! And thanks for stopping by and reading! I have to say, my hair had never had so much volume as it does now… can’t be a coincidence, huh.

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