Decorate it on a budget – Thanksgiving reveal

So we pulled it off..between hectic days, babies that wouldn’t nap until it was way inconvenient for everyone, and food galore, we decorated the tables for Thanksgiving this year. 🙂 In the post where I announced our big plan I mentioned that we had set a budget of $30 for this table. I believe we did it!!

We had 4 tables total, but they didn’t make a perfect square, so we did a little mix of decor. Scratch that, 5 tables if you include the food table. We decided that we would just put some decor with the desserts since we always have way too much food on the table and not enough space for anything else. We are not a formal bunch, and luckily we have no decor critics showing up. So at about 2:45ish I showed up with baby in tow so that we could put together our tables before our 4:30 deadline. We managed to use quite a bit of our original inspiration for these setups.

We threw everything we had on the table and got to it.

We decided to make 5 “bunches”, one for each table with one on the dessert table. So without further adieu. Here they are! I will give the breakdown on each piece as we go along…

Here I used a Pinterest find to put together a little bowl on a pedestal. ***Be sure to check back this week for the tutorial on how I made several of these items!!** A couple of mini pumpkins, a votive, and some beans give you this little gem…that little piece of burlap we found at Michael’s (can you believe Lowes didn’t carry it in our area??) I also put together that little twig votive(What a great idea Mal!! So glad you told me to keep working on it!) I started putting these together and just wasn’t happy with how it looked. Mal gave me motivation to finish it and see how it turned out. 🙂 Pretty nice, huh? We both agreed that the little white pumpkin in the back wasn’t quite in the same family as the others, but we couldn’t leave him out on Thanksgiving.

Next, we used a lantern that we already had on hand. Acorns dipped in glitter,a few just natural, pine cones I picked up outside work. And two more of those cute little twig votives. We pulled a few leaves off of another setting to put in the lantern to tie some color into the rest of the pieces.

And then onto a sweet candle holder that Mal wrapped some fall leaves around, putting some glitter dipped pine cones in it for some bling. Another votive with a tea light and some acorns (those acorns were just too darned cute not to use a bunch!). I had picked up some green napkins via one of my Goodwill hopping sprees and we used one of those here to put some color into that piece. The base for each of these settings is that little piece of burlap.

On to the pumpkins! I picked up a bunch of those pumpkins pretty cheap at a little country store. I spray painted them gold and layered them on a “cake stand” I made with a plate and a candle pedestal. We used another of those green napkins here as well. More acorns of course. Our original idea was to use mason jars for tea lights, but I only had a few at home and they were already in use, so thanks to my obsession with saving glass jars these days, I grabbed some out of the cabinet (ok, and a couple out of the recycling bags) to use. I couldnt’ get the glue from the labels off in time, so Mal came up with the idea of sticking a leaf to it. No glue necessary! Genius!

Last, but certainly not least, we have the dessert table. A few jars wtih tea lights, a blinged up pine cone and a gold pumpkin. Complete!

Here are a couple shots with the tea lights lit. It wasn’t dark yet, so it really doesn’t give you the feel of the room after the sun went down.

Now, on to the price break-down for all that we used.

pumpkins – 5
cake stand – 0 already had
napkins – 0 purchased for a different project(but 1.50 if you want to get picky)
acorns – free
glitter – 2 tubes for .97 each = 1.94
jars – free
votives – 0 already had
leaves – 0 already had
burlap – 4.99
candle holder – 0 already had
tea lights – 1.20
sticks and hot glue for votives- 0 already had and free!
lantern – 0 already had
table cloths – 0 (our mother-in-law picked these up for us! :))
bowl and pedestal for the bean piece – 1.95 and 1 = 2.95
beans, peas and corn – .97 each = 2.91

Grand total: $15.50 + tax = $16.28!!

Wow, we were so under-budget. Maybe we will splurge a little on the Christmas one since we did so well on this one. 😉

Anyone else put together some table decor this year? Maybe have a special piece of pie or 2? Please share your own versions of Thanksgiving!


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