Decorate it on a budget…for Thanksgiving!

My sister-in-law and I just decided that we are going to set a budget, and then DIY a Thanksgiving table scape!!! So exciting! I love me some decor on a budget, and it’s even more exciting to have someone to be a partner in crime! Here are some of the ideas that I have pinned so far…

Beans beans the magical fruit… um, ok maybe not for this meal. But aren’t they pretty? Def. a possibility


Image found Here

I am thinking that my sis-in-law is going to love those pumpkins 🙂


Image found Here

Can’t go wrong with these lanterns….


Image found Here

How adorable are these? And the leaves are… F-r-e-e


Image found Here

Those little stumps on the table?? Hearts all around from me!!!


Image found Here

Our official budget is $30 buckaroos. I think we can do it. Between what we already have and what we can thriftily(is that a word??) find, we are going to make the dinner table beautiful this year!!

Anyone else putting together some decor for Turkey day? Setting budgets for yourself to control the inner shopper??

5 thoughts on “Decorate it on a budget…for Thanksgiving!

  1. Looks really nice.. good ideas.. I’ve also seen some with fresh cranberries.. also really cute and cheap, and they can also be used for Christmas, of course they’d have to be refrigerated in the in-between times 🙂

  2. I like them all. Of course the only stumps at my disposal have been out back for ages so I would run a real risk of having little stump bugs crawling out and all over my table 😉 Personally my favorite is the beans (or cranberries!) in the candle holder. It’s cheap and so easy I could even imagine myself pulling it off (*gasp*).

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