Headboard love

The next step to reforming our master bedroom is to nail down a headboard. Since we are moving away from the matchy-matchy bedroom set, I have much more room to be creative with the choices. There are only a couple of requirements in picking a headboard:

1. inexpensive
2. fairly easy (I’m pretty new at this)
3. pass the husband test

I am torn on how to approach this headboard decision… do I want to make a statement with the headboard, or should it be low-key, just hanging out in the background supporting the rest of the decor? I decided I would pick out a couple of each that I liked and do some work over at mydeco.com to see what makes my motor run. I will post back once I have rendered a couple.

The biggest hurdle I have with a few of my ideas is the location of windows in the bedroom. Although the bed is centered between 2 windows, there is a 3rd window that will make putting one of my ideas into effect difficult. There are 3 windows in this room- take a look at the floorplan below to get an idea of what we are working with.


So here are a few that I found on the wonderful, world wide web that interest me.

This one has a luxurious feel to it. I would want to use a different material and color. I do wonder how this would actually be in person.. great pictures can make something cheap look decent. But then, it might just be something cheap looking glam!

And here is one that is close, but lighter… it seems that the bedroom is always dark. I would love to bring in an airy feeling to it.


Image found over at YHL

Of course, there is this one that I linked up to from House Tweaking
(You should really check out her blog.. she has some really great ideas and style – and they are moving into a new house, so I am uber excited to see what they do with it!!)

reclaimed headboard

I like this concept… maybe different colors, or possibly something muted?
fabric headboard

This can be found over at Isabella & Max Rooms
So far I haven’t seen anything that I just-have-to-have. My personal style is entering an evolution, and I am not sure what’s going to crawl out of it…I have also found that since my parents started painting their rental, that I am falling in love with glossy white. Is it possible that I have been hiding behind dark woods and black decor just because I was afraid of “messing up” with decorating??? mhm, I think that’s what has been happening. I am declaring right now, right here, for all to “hear” that I am not going to be afraid of mixing woods, I am not going to be afraid of using white, of using bold colors and adding lots of texture.

Liberating! lol Now to put that into practice!!

Has anyone else made decorating vows lately? Maybe considering some redesign and being hindered by the fear of change? Or maybe you just need to get something off your chest in a totally random way on a random post?? Hey, takes all kinds to keep this world a turnin.


One thought on “Headboard love

  1. I’m not a huge fan of the curtain look behind the bed, wondering the same thing as you- will it look good in real life? But I did really like the dimension and depth of the last picture.. really nice pattern and visual interest! Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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