My version of the Pinterest Challenge

Well it’s Wednesday…. and that means it is time to ante up with my Pinterest challenge. We have had a pretty busy last week, so forgive the simple nature of this project. This took about 10 minutes to do…although I am not sure I am done with it. I think it needs a little something else…it isn’t quite as good as I had hoped… anyhoo.. here you go!

Here was my inspiration..I saw this and fell in love with it. But I have 3 kids! So we needed more than one flower.


Since I already had supplies on hand for the small 8×10 canvas I used it. So here is my version….

This is a very straight forward project… it required an 8×10 canvas and your choice of acrylic paints, and a paint brush.

I had each child pick a color and put their hand print on the canvas. I used some wax paper for them to get good coverage on their hands before they put their prints to the canvas. Then I took some green acrylic paint and painted on a couple of leaves and stems. Voila! Complete!

Here is Ashton doing his…

Notice the cute little baby rolls?? Love that!
And Garrett doing his…

I couldn’t find the camera for Hannah’s, but just envision a 12-year-old putting her hand in paint (gross!!) lol

So did anyone join in? Did you at least find something on Pinterest that you would LOVE to make? I know my sister-in-law and I have to plan a weekend to do some projects.. there are just too many ideas that need to be tried!

To see what the hosts of this challenge and their followers did, go check them out!

Young House Love
Bower Power
house of earnest


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