“Pin”to a challenge???

It seems it is that time again! Two of my bloggers ( are doing a fall edition of the Pinterest Challenge. Anyone game to join in??? My sister-in-law and I have been talking about doing a “pinterest” weekend for a couple of days and I think it will be fine to get started with a challenge!

So here is the skinny….pick a pin off of pinterest and make it your own, as in, tailor it to your own creation. Then come back and link up with me and these ladies. Make sure you check out all of the fun stuff that people do, there will be more pinning going on I’m sure!

These lovely ladies have given the challenge… can you handle it?

Sherry from Young House Love
Katie from Bower Power
Ana from Ana White
Emily from House of Earnest

Seriously, these are some very inspiring bloggers…check out their blogs, you won’t be dissappointed. And read the comments!!! There are so many great people out there, and they are just a click away!

I am going to scour my pins for the rest of the week and see what I can come up with. Hopefully something fun!! I hope you guys can join in!


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