Weekend wonders

Well another weekend has come and gone. Fall is finally in the air and we are loving it! Exciting news of the weekend? We ran a 5k on Saturday!! Can I get a woot woot??!! ok, enough celebration, cause we packed those calories back on the rest of the weekend. oops! The 5k was pretty crazy, this is the 3rd year our family joined in (although I opted out last year since it was about 1 month post-preggers). I think I forgot over the last 2 years how hard the Fincastle 5k is. It’s like 75% hills! Ok, maybe more like 50% hills, but still, if you have ever run a 5k, that’s a lotta climbing. We made pretty good time considering none of us really trained very well for this. Jeff came in at 31 minutes, G-mike was right behind him. Izzo and I stopped at 34 minutes. Not too shabby eh?

Here is our BEFORE shot…


And after the first mile… see all those kids? Speed bumps… there were a ton of kids…


And look! We had cheerleaders!! Grandma and ASM came out to see us!


This picture was taken atop Cematery Loop (a.k.a Killer Hill) What a beautiful morning… and what a major pain getting up that hill.


And AFTER!! Still have smiles on our faces!!


Our next stop was the arts and crafts show at the Civic center in Roanoke. This time of year there are always lots of shows and festivals… it’s one of the reasons we love fall! I fell in love with this artist. Whenever ASM gets his own room, we will be picking up something from her for sure!!

And then it was on to Ikenberry’s, a local orchard, where they were making apple butter. You can see them cutting up apples to throw in that big pot t make the apple butter. All you need for that pot is a 5 lb biscuit.


I fell in love with this little guy… they had all kinds of cute home decor.. I was quite impressed with the selection.


And of course, we had to take advantage of all of the “props” they had ready for us…



And let me tell you… he thought he was big stuff on that little straw bale they put out there just for his little diapered tush.


We wrapped up the afternoon at G-mike’s peewee football game(good game!) And ASM decided he was hungry… so ensued the “Hummm!s” His word for Feedme. We handed him over an apple that we had in the car.. score mom and dad!!! He loves apples. Little squirrel teeth marks in it from his 4 little front teeth.
And yes, he is in fact rocking his sunglasses on his head.. those are baby sunglasses. He puts them up on his head like his momma does hers šŸ™‚


Of course, there was another festival on Sunday.. and mandatory donut eating was on our itenarery. The Clifton Forge festival was going on this weekend as well, and every year we stand in line to get a dozen(or more) of the donuts they make fresh. So, one dozen donuts, a little bit of fudge and a sugar crazed 1 year old later we were heading home for the evening. Of course, ASM came down off his sugar high as we were getting in the car and snoozed the whole way home. What a great weekend!

Anyone else festival hop this weekend? Or eat themselves into a sugar-induced coma? Or maybe ran a 10k or 2?


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