Pinned anything today???

I have something to admit… I am addicted to Pinterest. There, I said it. I don’t think I need any recovery from it though..I love it!! Pinterest is a site where you can virtually “pin” pictures from the internet onto a “board” and save them up to reference later. The “pin” links back to the original site (usually, although it can be buggy on occasion) so you can “pin” that picute of cookie dough truffles and when your looking for a yummy recipe to make one day, you can check out your board that you saved all of the goodies to and link back to the cookie dough truffle site. Make sense? Well thanks to Pinterest, I have had lots of inspiration on things around the house. And food, and clothes, and photographs.

Here are some pins that I have tried. I will post my results on a couple of them once they are complete and I am happy with them…


You can find info on those here and here.

You can find things like meal planning…
meal planning

Or some really neat home decor…

cool home decor

It really is an awesome place to be. I have used it to plan out birthday parties, and I am going to use it as a place to collect Christmas gift ideas.

It is scary when you get in there and you just-can’t-break-away. I have to admit there are times when I am on there that I wonder what some of these people do all day long. There are some members that have thousands of pins. WOW… that takes some time! I actually envy thier ability to pin all day long… I get like 30 minutes tops. And that is generally more in the morning around 5:15ish when I am eating breakfast. If anyone is interested in joining send me a message and I will send you an invite. I promise you won’t regret it šŸ™‚ Ok, well, maybe a little for all the lost time in the day pinning away. But it will be time well spent (I tell myself that each time I close out of the webpage).

I can promise that you will feel one thing when you leave that site… Inspired!!!


Tell me what you think! It totally makes my day to hear from you...

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