Johnson’s Farm..maybe not THAT natural

Well, our Peaks of Otter hike was switched to a Johnson Farm hike.

Just as fun, not so hard, and much faster. This hike is in the same vicinity as the other. It’s about a mile or so up, and once you get there, an old farm awaits you. This little nugget is sitting in an open area up on the side of a mountain. We are moving here, I may be late for work every now and then with the commute though. Although the lack of indoor plumbing may put the move off for a while…

We packed ASM on and headed up.

It isn’t a difficult hike at all, pretty simple trail. It was originally built in 1854 and a family lived there. The old farmhouse and other out buildings are still standing. We saw this interestingly scary scarecrow when we first got to the farm… I am not sure I want to look out my window at night and see the moon shining on this dude… how about you?

We walked around the farmhouse and let me tell you, I want to do natural, but I do have some limits!! That is the soap they used for washing clothes, hair, table, etc…

People back then knew how to work, wow. I guess they didn’t have much choice. Either do it or go without, and sometimes going without just wasn’t an option.

Check out this sewing machine… how’d you like to work with that baby?? lol, thanks, but I will pass.

Virginia has a ton of places to hike. One of the joys of living in the mountains is having access to many hiking trails, many of which have awesome endings (i.e. waterfalls or views when you reach the end).

I was able to get a few good shots of the boys. Decent enough for our little camera.

So that was our Sunday… much prettier than today for sure. What a great way to spend a fall day. We will tackle the Peaks soon though, hopefully right after the leaves start’s absolutely beautiful up there in the fall.


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