Going “no poo”

LOL…. apparently that is the term used for not buying store-bought shampoo and using homemade types. I think it’s rather funny myself. Almost like a 2 yr old trying to say he doesn’t want his hair washed. Ever have those moments? Standing in the store, looking at ALL the different kinds of shampoos wondering which one will work wonders, and which one will just make your hair limp and yucky? And they are soooo expensive. Well, in the spirit of trying to “go natural” as we have been doing, I decided to make shampoo.

My first attempt was using Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap mixed with our water. FAIL!!! I mixed 1 cup of soap to 2 cups of water…this left my hair greasy and gross. It smelled good..but not gonna cut it. I figured that the problem would be with our water, it is like 95% lime. THe recipe I found called for distilled water, and I just conveniently ignored that part. oops. So, enter second attempt… more blog and website surfing, lots of reading the comments to recipes to see what people were actually saying about this stuff. What I ended up using was this:

2 cups warm distilled water (1 gallon .89 at Kroger)
2 tbs baking soda (had on hand)
1 tbs Dr. Bronner’s Castile Hemp Soap Almond (32 oz. $14.89 at Target – was on sale)

I warmed the water and stirred in the baking soda until it was dissolved. I then added the castile soap. When I added the castile soap it made the mixture a little cloudy. I put this mixture into a spray bottle (.99 at Target). I also read that you would want to use a conditioning treatment with this shampoo, so I mixed a 3/4 distilled water 1/4 apple cider vinegar mixture into squirt bottle I had on hand. I spritzed the shampoo in liberally. It did not lather, but I could feel it to work into my hair. I rinsed thoroughly, then following with a light rinse with the apple cider vinegar mixture. And the outcome??? I LOVE IT!!! My hair feels clean, it has some bounce, it is not greasy, it feels full. This is day one. I had already started washing my hair every other day..and will continue to do so. I will keep everyone updated on how it goes… hopefully this is the answer and the end of commercial shampoo!

On another note, it’s odd the reaction I get to this… it’s like I am some kind of tree-hugging hippy or something (which I am clearly NOT lol). I have actually been laughed at for telling people about the change. We are trying really hard to use natural, to get all of the chemicals out of our lives. I mean, what can it hurt??? Even if it doesn’t help, we have the piece of mind to know where things are coming from and what is in them. Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but I tend to feel like a lot of the push for commercial products ties back to the almighty dollar. And albeit the dollar is important, it should not trump our common sense. Ok, getting off the soapbox now. To be honest, it is a daily challenge to identify and remove things that are not natural. And lord knows with my obsession with painting, we will never be 100% all-natural! lol

Oh and our weekend hike changed a little, but I will post more on that later with some pics of the day! Have a happy Monday all!


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